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Motivation and Discipline

It’s plain ole human nature to want to succeed.  Not just in business, but in everything. Life throws you all kinds of emotional and physical stuff that you just want and at times need to conquer.
Over the years of studying myself (yeah, I know that sounds weird, but you gotta know self) and how to be successful in my field, I’ve come to this simple, but dire conclusion…
In order to succeed in anything in life… and I do mean anything… YOU MUST BE MOTIVATED AND DISCIPLINED!
MOTIVATION is that thing that gets your blood pumping.  It keeps you going.  It opens your eyes to the “YES I CAN’s” in life.  Motivation is like a drug though. You have to keep fueling yourself with it, because after so long…it burns out.
And when you’re on that motivational high, it’s like no one and nothing can stop you. You have all these ambitions and goals to achieve, but then… something happens to kill your high and you gotta start all over again.
Motivation alone can only get you excited to do something great. It can’t solely keep you grounded.
On the other hand, DISCIPLINE will keep you grounded. No matter what’s happening around you, with discipline you have conditioned yourself to move forward. You have embedded a code of ethics so strong in your mental, that motivation is just the cherry on top. It’s repetition. It’s clarity and knowing that you are aiming at the prize…seeing none of the fuzzy stuff on the side.  Discipline keeps your focus narrow and sharp. Never deviating from the task at hand.
Combine MOTIVATION and DISCIPLINE and you have a sure fire recipe for success! Yeah it sounds easy, but you have to get in the state of mind to discipline yourself. Anybody can motivate you. YOU have to be willing to stay grounded.
Blessed day!
Success in progress
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