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Intelligence only scratches the surface of the brilliant minds of these two beautiful ladies.  Straight out Chi-town, the illustrious Samantha Mitchell and Frances Moffett have built a reputable public relations firm with inspirations of expanding throughout North America in the near future. Due to their drive, respect for each other and the ability to effectively deliver a quality product, Eminent PR Group is not only great…it’s preferred… – L. Sherie


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LSHERIE: How did you ladies start Eminent PR Group?

SM: Very random! I received a text from Frances saying, “We should start a PR firm.” I was totally interested! From there and throughout the next couple of months, we did our research on how to get started and went from there.


LSHERIE: How long have you been in business?

FM: We’ve officially been in business since January 2012.


LSHERIE: How are you spreading your business? Is there a focus on one particular region or are you looking to build a nationwide or even worldwide corporation?

SM: There’s a great market here in Chicago, especially in the areas we specialize in. So, maximizing our brand here first is important. We definitely want to expand throughout the United States, and have had conversations with people in different regions about our services. It’s good to know that our network will allow us to do that sooner than later. Worldwide sounds awesome—but I don’t think we’ve thought that far ahead yet!


LSHERIE: What projects have given you the ultimate satisfaction and in the end made you realize you picked the right profession?

FM: I don’t think there is one project in particular, for me, but being able to help our clients achieve their goals is a truly satisfying feeling. You can work a normal 9-5 job and have a number of accomplishments, get promoted, receive pay raises, but there’s nothing like success in your own business. There’s no feeling like seeing results for something that you’ve created, developed and implemented.

SM: I agree with Frances. The best feeling is being able to connect with our clients and feel their excitement after seeing successful results. That keeps us eager to do more, sharp and constantly looking for ways to grow our clients’ brands. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


LSHERIE: Social media has become a major source of PR, marketing, etc. How is Eminent PR Group keeping up with the ever-changing trends of social media?

FM: I actually love social media, so it’s pretty fun to keep up with what’s going on with it—although it’s not easy. The best way to learn it is to do it, so we usually try out the new social media platforms, just to get an idea of what it’s all about. There’s so much to social media, though—as far as analytics and measurement, engagement and dialogue, proving ROI and differentiating content—that it can almost become a separate job. The best way to stay abreast of the trends, at least for me, is to follow the social media influencers on Twitter, read everything I can about it and engage in it as much as possible.


LSHERIE: Did either of you ever think you would run a PR firm?

SM: No! It may have crossed my mind briefly in college, but nothing too serious.
I’ve always had entrepreneurial aspirations though. As far as PR, I planned to have a long-term career at an agency. This happened so quickly and out of blue, that it still feels unreal at times.

FM: Same here! I have a journalism background (and it will always be my first love) so I figured that at this point in my life, I’d be in that field, writing and reporting. But I definitely never thought I’d be an entrepreneur. In fact, it’s still pretty new and kind of strange to even think of myself in that way.


LSHERIE: What has been the best moment thus far in business?

SM: I’d have to say our young professional’s mixer in July. We had such an awesome turnout with industry pros and rising professionals that our event was talked about for weeks after. Hosting your first event can either be a hit or miss—and we nailed it. We were able to add so many new contacts to our networks and even have some projects in the works with a few people.

FM: I definitely agree. We had an amazing turnout with amazing people. It’s always so nerve-wrecking to host an event, and for us to have so many people attend was quite reaffirming.


LSHERIE: Have there been any challenges you’ve had to tackle? If so, how did you overcome them for the betterment of your business?

FM: I’d say the biggest challenges that any PR practitioner deals with are the differing personalities and business methods of clients, as well as their high expectations and misunderstanding of PR. If you ask anyone what PR is, they probably can’t give you a definition. Or if they do, they are going off of what they see on TV, so when it comes to expectations, it’s unrealistic. All you really can do is make sure you are explaining your job completely and make sure your objectives for that client are in line with what they want to accomplish.


LSHERIE: Many times partnerships in business endure various levels of stress. How do you work together to obtain a healthy business relationship?

SM: Frances and I have been friends for a long time (and even roommates in college) so we are able to vibe off of each other in a way that’s kind of scary sometimes! But we communicate—sometimes over-communicate—which I think is the most important thing. We are able to identify areas where one of us may lack, and we jump in when needed. Whether it’s something going on personally or with a particular project, we can talk to each other about it and come up with a game plan. Plus, we’re pretty similar when it comes to business ethic, so we really don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to work getting done.


LSHERIE: Is there anything you wish you knew before starting a PR firm?

SM: There’s nothing specific, but I can say that we do learn new things on a daily basis. PR practices and branding techniques are constantly changing, so it’s always good to stay in the know.


LSHERIE: Why is it important for a business to have a PR representative?

FM: If a business wants to build and promote its brand, position itself as a leader in its industry or have a good crisis management plan in place, it needs a public relations practitioner in the mix. Historically, it’s been difficult for PR folks to prove their value within an organization and get that “seat at the table,” which has made companies question whether PR is even necessary, but with the number of tools available, as well as the PR gurus who are working to make public relations a vital part of business operations, it is becoming easier. PR is a crucial part of an overall marketing strategy and companies are at a disadvantage if they don’t have it as part of their business plan.


LSHERIE: Do you have any advice for companies seeking a PR firm?

SM: The most important thing is finding a firm that specializes in your industry. At times individuals are so fixated on a company name or a larger agency that they miss out on success because that firm does not cater to their specific needs. If a firm is not doing a proper consultation with you or outlining a strategic plan, then they probably won’t deliver keen results. Communication is key—and if a communications strategy isn’t laid out in the beginning, you will not see any progress or growth within your business.


FM: Yes, looking for a firm or agency that caters to your needs, one that has a niche, is so important. Public relations is quickly becoming a popular field for entrepreneurs to delve into—but not everyone is good at it. PR is not about sending email blasts or handing out fliers. It’s about developing and implementing communication strategy for a client that will help its business progress. It is about connecting with their target audiences and building mutually beneficial relationships with them.


LSHERIE: Why should a company choose Eminent PR Group to be their professional representative?

SM: We are able to quickly identify a company’s needs. We have a clear understanding of what PR is and we’re able to provide first-class results.





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