Why Do I Talk So Much About Money?


The LSherie Alert, LLC welcomes you to another edition of  Money Mondays, a financial wellness conversation to help build your financial wealth with financial guru, Andrell D. Harris.  Money Mondays was created to share financial wisdom, tips, and other suggestions for you to follow.  Andrell is an accomplished businessman, investor, philanthropist and lover of Jackson State University. Why are we doing this?  Why not?  Millions of people including myself are looking for ways to increase our finances, learn the tricks of the trade, become active in stock and investments and so much more.  The purpose of  learning is sharing what’s been learned to help others.



Why Do I Talk So Much About Money?

Andrell D. Harris, Financial Wellness Guru





I am asked from time to time why I talk so much about Money.  I turn around and ask the same person why don’t they ever talk about Money?  The ironic thing is the people who ask me this question, are people who seem to not be happy with their current financial situation.  My response is what you focus on expands, and what you focus on becomes your area of expertise.  If you focus on making Money and securing your financial future for your future family, it is inevitable, you will most likely build some sort of wealth during your life time.  My focus has been on Retirement and Building Wealth since I was 20, a Sophomore at The Jackson State University.  I always focused on Wealth Creation and I have to say that it has paid off.  I was called Money Hungry, Arrogant, and told that I thought I was better than others because I desired Wealth.  None of this was true, I always knew that I wanted MORE.  I still want MORE, and I am determined to not only increase my stock but the stocks of everyone around me!  I have always looked at Money as Freedom, I have never looked at Money as a bad thing.  Most people do not build Wealth during their lifetime because they have been taught that Money is evil, so subconsciously they spend Money as soon as they get it or they make bad decisions with their Money so they will not be in the category of Rich snobs that they learned were bad growing up.  In order to Build Wealth you have to change your perception of Rich people, why not be the person who is different.  Why not Build Wealth and give to those who are genuinely in need.


Most of us grew up being told that Rich people are bad, Rich people only care about themselves, Rich people never do anything for the poor, Rich people hate paying taxes, Money is the root of ALL evil, and my absolute favorite is being told that the more Money I make the more problems I will have in life.  I say bring on the problems!  I desire to continue Building Wealth in order to donate aggressively to non profit organizations that I am passionate about.  I make a conscious habit to look out for those who cannot look out for themselves.  This is where my heart is, and this is where I want to make my mark.


My generation needs someone who is vocal about Money, the thing that will advance us.  We have enough people in my generation endorsing Sex, Crime, and Ignorance.  We do not have anyone in my generation telling you how to make MONEY!  If you want to be a part of a movement that is all about Financial Advancement, Saving Strategies, and Retirement the Financial Freedom Movement is for you!  According to the Wall Street Journal only 43% of eligible workers under 25, and 62% of those between 25 and 34 participate in 401k plans, compared to 70% or more of those over 45.  If that is not alarming enough, we contribute less than our parents do- 4.3% of income for those under 25 and 5.5% for ages 25 to 34.  Americans between 55 and 64 direct 8.7% of their income to their plans.  Statistically our generations, 18 to 35, are poorer than our parents were at similar ages.  With all that being said do I still talk too much about Money?



I think it is important that I start the conversation of Financial Freedom in my generation.  I want more people in my generation to embrace Financial Freedom and I want more young people of color to focus on Building Wealth!  In my opinion, most of the problems that minorities face everyday could be fixed if we had more Wealth and Power.  Wealth brings Power, so the former drives the latter.  You may disagree with my Money assessment, but you cannot disagree that if there were more kids in Chicago focused on building Companies and establishing Generational Wealth there would be less killing in Chicago.  People rob because of their economic position, its been proven that as an individual’s Net Worth increases they are less likely to participate in violent activities.


I receive messages weekly that read something like “Thank you for helping me get into the Stock Market”.  I constantly remind people that they did all the work, I was simply the person who reminded them to act.  It is hard to get people to act, and not acting early enough can cost you BIG in the long run.  If you are under 35 time is on your side!  I have a few scenarios (below) that show you how your Money would grow over time, if you use your time horizon to your advantage.  For those who still think I talk too much about Money lets have this talk again at 60, you will see how many people were touched by the Financial Freedom Movement.  Go forth and Build Wealth for your family and future generations!


-If you invested an initial amount of $5,000 and deposited $200 a month into the account, in 30 years you would have $284,576.69.  This is accounting for a 7% yearly return.


-If you invested an initial amount of $10,000 and deposited $200 a month into the account, in 30 years you would have $310,013.07.  This is accounting for a 7% yearly return.


-If you invested an initial amount of $15,000 and deposited $200 a month into the account, in 30 years you would have $365,741.66.  This is accounting for a 7% yearly return.


-If you invested an initial amount of $20,000 and deposited $200 a month into the account, in 30 years you would have $406,324.15.  This is accounting for a 7% yearly return.


-If you invested an initial amount of $25,000 and deposited $200 a month into the account, in 30 years you would have $446,906.64.  This is accounting for a 7% yearly return.

All of this information was pulled using the Simple Savings Calculator on www.bankrate.com.




Financially Yours,

Andrell D. Harris  



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