What Are You Afraid Of?





We all have something and even someone that frightens us. As soon as you decide to live life on a new level… walk into the unknown, fear creeps in.

The question really should be what’s more important to you? Your fear of failing or your fear of succeeding against all odds….against all naysayers… against all reason?
Honestly there are people who see greater in you than you see in yourself.  They will tell you what you can’t do or what’s impossible, because they are afraid that you will actually win. They are afraid of feeling inferior of you.
Even on your job.  Your boss may be your boss, but their knowledge and skill may actually be limited in compassion to what you can offer.  In order keep that prestigious feeling of being the person in charge…the lead man or woman, they dismiss your suggestions, your proposals…etc.
It’s simply out of fear. They realize you deserve better pay.  You are capable of building your own brand.
And honestly, you realize this too. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to live the life God intended for you to live. No, it may not be how everyone around you chooses to live, but you gotta do and go for what makes you happy.
It’s time out for fear.  It’s time to make a change. Step out on faith and make some believers out of everyone around you.
Blessed day!
– LSherie
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