The Weave Experience

The Weave Experience

Keisha Gilchrist’s Dominating Hair Factor

– LSherie Dean

Determined to defy the odds and murder the competition, Keisha Gilchrist affectionately known as “Keisha G” analyzed the hair and beauty industry to shape her brand to be more conducive to her clients.

It all began with a Dominican salon when Keisha realized that business would be more favorable if she offered more affordable quality hair service whereas other salon charged much higher costs, she would not.  From that idea grew more weave salons migrating to Florida- what I like to call Fancy Capitol – The Weave Experience (WEX) was born.

Her focus was and remains to provide top quality service at affordable pricing for women on the move.  Very ideal for those women with families and/or high demanding careers.  But how did she do it?

“The Weave Experience (WEX) concept is simple: Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank or take all day. So, we do hair weaves – affordably and efficiently.  That’s it.”

Keisha G understood that properly servicing her clientele would ultimately yield more clientele.  Good news does travel, but when it comes to understanding the market, Keisha G was top of that too.  She found a location perfect for her needs and safe for her clients.  It took a couple of month, however, it was well worth the search.  Keisha G diligently surveyed the area and researched the demographics, published employment advertisement and hosted live demonstrations. Cleaver…

Keisha G successfully launched in November of 2013 increasing her clientele and mastering the Florida market.  No appointments, open 7 days a week, fast service, various options and $50 sew-ins made WEX (The Weave Experience) one of the most talked about and recommended salons – clearing booming in business.  I know what you’re thinking… $50 sew-ins?! Keisha G stated the importance of keeping cost low and quality high.  That way you keep your current clients and when they spread the word about how cost effective and how great the service is, new clients will flock. Increased clientele. Increased sales.  Successful business.

Customer service is very important to my business.  Our stylists are our employees and we take care of them too.  We have weekly meetings to find solutions to issues and other ways to increase business.  I have good partnerships and management, there’s always a running agenda and I make constant visits.

While Keisha G makes it sound easy, running a string of successful salons ca be challenging…

People think when you’re running your own business, you have more free time.  That’s not true.  Everything is on the line.  I eat when I produce.  However, I do create my own schedule and its allowed me to be able to spend time with my 4-year old twins.  I balance myself, start with a list of things to do daily.  At the end of the day, my priority are my kids.

“A WEX girl is bold and independent, live a busy life.  A professional girl on the go.”

The key to having a successful business is understanding the needs of your clients, in essence, finding a solution to a problem.  Once you’ve identified a problem and a way to rectify it, you have just created a solution that may yield very profitable.  Keisha G stated thta since starting her business and with successful expansions, she’s more confident.  She’s able to recognize mistakes and learn from them to improve her business.

My advice would be for you to jump out and do it! I had a job in communications, but decided to jump and do what I said I would one day do.  I bet on myself.

And sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do.  Bet on yourself! Whether you have a “nest egg” set up somewhere or not, BELIEVE in yourself…BELIEVE in your abilities to succeed.  Keisha G continues to study her craft, stay on top of ever-changing happenings within her industry and make adjustments.  That is one reason why she’s been so successful in the hair industry.

“We believe that every woman deserves a Weave Experience that allows her to Be Inspired, Be Unique, Be Bold, and Be Epic!”



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