This Is You…


Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship




This is you. The person that wakes up daily with passion in your heart…a desire to make a better life for you and your family.

This is you. A person who knows no boundaries.  You have no doubts because you’ve seen how well things worked out in the past. You know that when you put your mind and your actions on something you believe in… it just works out.
This is you. The dreamer and the doer.
This is you. The person with the right attitude, the open opportunities, the greatest faith, the strength to persevere.
This is you. The person who sacrifices for greater.  The person who refuses to give up.
This is you. Self aware.
This is you.
This is who you claim to be.
This is what you have to be in order to be the captain of your own ship.
Let no man, woman or whatever dictate who you are, what you’ll be and how to get to your destination.
You were created with a road map inside you. You have everything you need to make the journey that is your life.
So when times get a little frustrating or you feel like you’re unsure of yourself, remember that all these things… you are… this is you… PHENOMENAL GREATNESS.
Many blessings,
– LSherie
Welcome to iNSPIRE here on The LSherie Alert.
May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 

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