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The RollerCoaster Diaires


When you think of roller coasters you think of amusement, excitement, surprise, suspense and the occasional gut twisting fear of falling.  Life can be like that.  In fact, there are many different variations of roller coasters in life; one in particular, relationships.  Yes, we’re talking relationships.

Recently I caught up with my new friend and author, Roz Papillon to discuss her new book, The RollerCoaster Diaries and man is it juicy!  Before I jump right into it though, I know you guys have heard Emotional Rollercoaster by Vivian Green…well, if this book ever becomes a Lifetime movie, this song should be the soundtrack.





Roz claims she’s just a regular woman who goes to work and just lives life, but she’s actually much more.  A mother, author, and an enthusiast for exciting experiences, she’s always writing things down, kind of like taking a daily account of her life.  It was a habit she had learned from her aunt.

So I bet you can guess how her book came about.

Here’s how it started.  Roz took a road trip to her home town and went looking through the garage and stumbled upon her old journals.  When she opened them and read what her younger self was going through she said “OH MY GOD!”  In an instant Roz was reliving spoiled relationships of the past.  She even questioned herself as to why she didn’t learn from previous mistakes.  For a moment, I thought about my own past relationships and wondered what the heck I was thinking too, but you know, you live and you learn.

The RollerCoaster Diaries are like little snippets of short stories of what I was going through in one or two relationships.  It was a behavior that I had years before and years later.  So I just put little snippets of situations saying; ‘now girl you know you shouldn’t have done that, you’ve been here before.’

Here I am in my 40’s and I won’t say how many 40’s, but here I am still going through the same old stuff.  You know I can see it better, but I’m still experiencing the same thing.  Some people would crash and burn.  I stayed in depression for a long time.  Let me tell you my story so we can both laugh at it and you can move on and know you’re going to be okay.

The memoir includes true stories of one woman’s experiences with relationship roller coasters – the highs, lows, sudden turns, dips, and flips.  Her stories evoke emotions and will have you feeling like you’re taking a ride along with her.  There are even illustrations in the book showing you the differences in relationship roller coasters.  For example, one of the illustrations shows a woman holding onto the roller coaster.  Sometimes we find ourselves in these unhealthy relationships and hold on to them because of low self-esteem or just scared of being alone.  Whatever the ism is, the roller coaster becomes a crutch.

To read it is to find inspiration.  Maybe even find yourself.  Whatever you gain from it, the stories allows you to think about your own relationship roller coasters.  They may even make you reevaluate how you approach relationships while pegging those negative actions that cause the same unattractive behavior.

I was thinking, ‘wow, I need somebody else to read this, I might know somebody who’s going through this.’  In the future, if I ever see this behavior I know how to deal with it.  At the end of my book, I tell everybody to go to my website and tell me about your roller coaster.  If you share your roller coaster, others won’t have to stay on theirs.  They can learn from your mistakes.

Roz can laugh at it now, but as she reflects on the situations, she admits traveling down memory lane was difficult and therapeutic, but it was hard.  She went on to say that it helped because a more recent attempt at a failed relationship was a compilation of all the lessons she had learned in the past.

It wasn’t new to me.  The behaviors now, I’m noticing them. The old stuff helped me to recognize what wasn’t right.  It was difficult to go through it, but very helpful.

Right now, The RollerCoaster Diaries, an e-book is being sold and already readers are begging for more… they can’t wait to read about other roller coasters.  I’m excited about receiving my copy.  The experiences and the things we go through are important to share to break the cycle of heartbreak.

This book is to spark conversation and to know it’s not bad.  Let’s deal with it. Let’s laugh at it.

So now you know, you must order your copy now on AMAZON and share your reviews!



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