Yes, I’m a Mommy Now, But I’m Still Me



If you’ve never had a baby before, but preparing to, I’m sure you’re getting loads of advice, and even hearing the hum from all the “expert mommies” telling you how your life will change forever, both for the good and bad.

Here’s the cut and dry truth… Your Life Will Change!  It’s not rocket science. You’re so used to living a certain way. Going out whenever you felt like it or just enjoying peace and quiet at any given moment.  Spending money on whatever. Traveling whenever. That was me.

As a business owner and child-less, I had more time to set up meetings, draft articles, collaborate with other businesses and really be a part of my community. If you know me, you know I never slowed down.  Always on the run and involved in one way or another with something happening.

After Demi was born much of that slowed down. Like all the way down. I now had this precious angel to nurture.  Not to mention, she arrived three months prior to her due date.  I was completely knocked off course. I thought I still had time to get a few things done and even jump-start some of the bright ideas I have before her arrival, but you know like I know, our plans aren’t always THE PLAN.

Hanging out in the NICU

Hanging out in the NICU


Everything was smooth while we stayed at the hospital.  I was used to the nurses and the doctors checking on me and Demi.  I had grown accustomed to the schedule they set for her feedings and equipment checks.  I enjoyed getting a large jug of iced water while I sat with her in the NICU. It all became routine. When we arrived home with Demi, there were times I would burst into tears. I started worrying about my brand.  I worried about not being able to be as “involved” as I had been in the past.

I remember looking into her huge eyes and feeling the weight of guilt.  Part of me was so excited about being a mommy and tackling this thing called motherhood, while the other half of me was like… “Oh my God. How am I going to be a full-time mommy, work a full-time job and run a full-time business?!”  I was freaking out.

The encouragement from family and friends helped a lot.  I never realized how much I needed to hear, “You’re doing a great job with Demi,” or “You look great!”  I felt like my identity was slipping away.  I worried about the way I look and most of it had to do with how I felt.  Is it possible to be overwhelmed and overjoyed?

It’s funny really how much we worry about how things will end up.  After my brief meltdown, l started looking at things differently.  This is life… a sweet miracle… and no matter what it is, you’ll get a few curve balls, or make life-changing decisions that cause for immediately life alternations.

Here I am staring at this beautiful little baby girl and thinking… I GOT THIS! I’ve always been able to adjust to situations fairly well, so I figured this wouldn’t be any different.


Demi Jade

The hours turned to days and the days flew into months all while maintaining my integrity as a business-owner, defining my skills on my eight to five and guess what, my personality hasn’t changed.  I’m still the same ole LSherie looking to help businesses grow, promote positive people, excel as a professional, and keep my values and goals close to the vest.

I still work hard daily for my business especially with this ten month-old motivation watching my every move.  I still get excited about working with a business or helping someone start their brand. I still laugh at mistakes I make. I still enjoy good food. I still like to have fun and be invited to events and parties. I still dream about the day I purchase my first yacht.  I still love shopping and catching up with long distance friends. I still love going on dates with my handsome and spending time with my family.

Although my life has changed… and may I add, for the better, and my name is now “Demi’s Mom,” I’m still me.   I may have been promoted to Mommy with more duties than I could ever list… the fact is… you don’t have to treat me any differently. I’m still me… still LSherie.


– Blessings




MAMALOGUE is LSherie’s true stories of mommy life with a preemie.

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