Somebody Has to Do It. Why Not YOU?





Believe or not, I was like never the person to jump up and be first at anything.  I shied away from the spot light.  The background became my comfort zone.

I was used to taking orders and carrying them out.  Never really looking at myself as a leader. I wouldn’t say one thing particular changed that, I think it was a series of opportunities that came my way… things that pushed me to do something.
Whether you’re a leader in your comminity, a business owner, or the person doing all the work (with little recognition) at your job, just think about how the experience itself and how it challenges you…it forces you to be greater.
For example, I remember being an administrative assistant and thinking God you know good and well I should be making more money! It’s people here that can’t do HALF the things I’m capable of and my superior knows it, yet, I’m the one stuck making pennies…
See that right there was my biggest problem. Thinking that other people had me STUCK. I had myself stuck!
Life is about decisions.  It’s about how you deal and handle challenges.  I’m always asked how did The LSherie Alert, LLC begin.  Well… I made a conscious decision to bring people together.  To connect them in business and to inspire and motivate people to walk in their purpose.
Because I saw a need for it.  People weren’t supporting each other let alone did they have the real understanding of what it means to network.  Somebody had to do it.  Instead of complaining about it… I DID SOMETHING!
The same goes with you. You see a problem.. find or even create the solution. Somebody has to do it… WHY NOT YOU!

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