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New Mom Designs Sleepwear That’s Comfortable and Sexy


Midori Star Media Group has discovered a gem in flirty night threads Saxy’s sleepwear, they are redifining the definition of pajamas.  The sexy sleepwear offers a dual functionfor its pieces, you can transition your titillating sleepwear into chic street wear. The nightwear collections are comfy enough to lounge in the house or if you need to run a quick errand, no need to change Saxy’s sleepwear is stylishenough to look cute on the go. | Midori Star Media Group



Saxony Kearney, Founder & CEO of Saxy’s Global Sleepwear


My background is inventory management dealing with the supply chain. I’ve been doing that for about eight years. Never really thought about venturing out into the entrepreneurial space, but the idea came about from a personal experience dealing with me and husband. He always complains about what I wear to bed, but he always did complain about what I wore to bed because I would wear the more casual, comfortable look versus the more lingerie every night. It was too much of a hassle in my opinion. So then I came up with the whole – what about pajamas that were equally sexy and comfortable at the same time, but appropriate to wear around the house, but still appealing to him as a man.  That’s where the idea was birthed.

I wanted it to have a different type of point of interest as far as the transitional pieces. I’m always on the go – I’m a new mom and super busy. So running some errands or going to the mailbox to get mail or going to the grocery store – I don’t always want to change out of what I’m already wearing so it was really important when designing it to make sure it was transitional. You could just throw on a jacket or cardigan; throw on some boots – whatever you need to do to get the job done without having to go in your closet to run some quick errands.

Funny thing is, when I first learned about SAXY’S, I thought exactly that! These pajamas are nice enough to wear outside the home. Now before you start judging… take a look at these amazing pajama pieces With a couple of exceptions, you would never know that I was running late to pick up some last minute items from the store before closing time in my chic tuxedo pants that are actually pajama pants. Looks like a win to me.

The other thing that came to mind was the fact that I’m a new mom too and no, I just don’t have the same functioning time I had when I was childless and carefree. Even after giving birth and being showered with gifts and love and fanfare, you still want to feel beautiful, but because you’re overworked and sleep deprived, sometimes looking sexy for bedtime is the furthest thing from your mind. Well new moms, I think we’ve found a solution here with SAXY’S!

Absolutely! I agree 100 percent! We’re actually getting ready to launch this new campaign about defining your own sexy, because so often men are telling us what’s sexy, what’s beautiful and doesn’t always correlate with what’s comfortable or actually practical. So that’s big part of it – allowing women to define what they feel is sexy and pretty and cute. Not always letting that be determined by the man.


Saxony decided that she and other women can be just as sexy… just as beautiful at bedtime without the contraptions that look simple on the manikin, but should come with a book of instructions. Building her dream business to provide sexy and comfort would definitely take some finessing.

So I reached out to another entrepreneur who owns maternity lingerie. She took me under her wing and mentored me and we had business consulting – I really wanted to make sure I did my due diligence when it came to creating a brand, especially since I’m bootstrapping this entire company myself. I wanted to be really smart about my investment so I linked up with her for “need to know’ when it comes to fashion and how to manufacture products since I wasn’t going to China and just selecting stuff versus making an actual product. I linked up with an artist and we worked together so that she could draw out the vision I had for each garment. I found a supplier in China and worked with them to do color swatches and samples – the whole nine. Getting the product over here in enough time and starting that pipeline for inventory coming in and out – that’s kind of how it all came about.

So Saxony Kearney, with the loving assistance from her hubby, started on this mission to create the new sexy,  yet comfortable and transitional pajama wear for women as recent as 2015. Making sure all her ducks were aligned, Saxony made the breathtaking launch in just November of 2016. She would say it, “was a labor of love,” but the joy of birthing a new baby and a business must have been amazingly overwhelming and extremely exciting.

It really shows you your strengths and your capabilities and what you can do. It made me realize that there’s a solution for everything. There’s really nothing you can’t do or can’t figure out. You might have to dig deeper, you might have to go another route, you might have to do something you don’t want to do, but you can get it done. It’s just about how far, you’re willing to go to make it happen. The process definitely showed me that.

You see what all she had to do just to get her business started? Well you can imagine those are just the highlights. There’s so many little things that make a huge impact in building a brand. Many of those things may come in the form of challenges. No matter how good you are, your talent, your achievements, your degrees, going for the gusto does not leave out challenges.

Dealing with a supplier that was overseas, a lot of the challenges dealt with the language barrier, the time frame, a lot of back and forth. We went through about six or seven rounds, which pushed back the time frame for when we would launch. Just wrapping my head around what was feasible and wasn’t feasible. Maybe I could have saved money if I knew this then, but it’s all trial and error.

Honestly there’s no true blueprint that goes well with everything so you have to take the risk. It’s a risk for a reason, but it’s also amazing how well everything worked out for SAXY’S.  Crafting her own blueprint, there were specific demands that had to be met in order to set her brand apart from similar brands.


Amazing pictures – being able to convey my message through illustrations was very important to me. A really good website, that was really fluid, very important to me. Especially as a small business, you never want to come off looking like you aren’t legit. So I think what you present is extremely important as how I looks to your audience. Just being knowledgeable of your craft – business in general, especially if you’re bootstrapping – just knowing how to do just a little bit of everything. Being okay with, “okay this is what I’m going to do and this is what I’m going to outsource.” So some things that you’re trying to do and it’s not your strength then you shouldn’t waste your time. Go ahead and outsource that… pay somebody that’s really good at it to go ahead and handle that.

I must admit that I’ve done MANY things all by myself, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I would get more done, if I outsourced it someone who perfects in whatever it is I need done. That allows me to be more creative in other areas. The other thing about outsourcing, since we’re talking about it, is the importance of circulating dollars within the small business world. Saxony and I both agree that spending your dollars with other small businesses and especially black-owned or disadvantaged businesses is highly critical to the wealth health and stability of those businesses. Basically, we should be patronizing each other before running to larger corporations. In order to do that, goals must align…

My goal right now is to go to one of the fashion conventions coming up this year in either New York or Vegas so that I can really shop out my brand to retailers. Right now, I’m only an online brand (website), AMAZON and recently did an event with Zulily. Outside of the sleepwear, I want to do more the lounge wear and plus size.

Taking the conversation back a bit, Saxony hinted a little earlier about her husband preferred to see her in something less soccer mom-ish looking attire for bedtime. So I wondered about his role of influence in her creative designs for the garments.

Well actually, he’s my sounding board. I run ideas and bounce things off of him, but ultimately, I’m the one who says, “yay” or “nay.” A lot of times, he’ll think something will be the number one seller and it’ll turn out to be the total opposite, but yeah I definitely use him as my sounding board especially when it comes to silhouettes He’s all about a sexier silhouette, so it may not be that I’m using him to pick the colors or the pattern, but if there’s a silhouette or a certain design that I want to know, “how does this strap or this lace appeal to you more,” then yeah, I’ll definitely use him as my sounding board. He is my partner so…


Married life, new baby and booming business, I can’t image the yoga techniques used to balance them all. Never mind that “me time” we all need. Saxony confesses that living her lifestyle isn’t easy, but she communicates to her husband the plan she has for the day and they basically work around each other’s plans and make necessary compromises to keep everything running efficiently. Now that’s teamwork!

And it looks like the team is truly working. Saxony actually tests out her garments to make sure the fabric, texture, comfort and look is satisfactory to her brand. She even washed the blends of spandex and cotton to test out the flexibility of the fabrics.

We kind of went back and forth with blends and weights of the fabric to get the appropriate thickness of the material. That was important. Another piece we struggled with the manufacturer initially was in some of the garment, I really wanted a shelf bra in them especially for bustier women. Had to go back and forth to make sure that was correct and looked appealing and concealed. It’s a very importance piece that is set in all of the garments except for the traditional set which has the floral pattern.

Saxony has truly put in a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears of joy into making this vision of hers (and hubby’s) a reality. From learning the basics of the business to choosing the right manufacturer and finally getting the desired product packaged and ready to sell, SAXY’S is definitely a labor of love and a genuine product.

I think being an online business, you have to do a little bit more so that people will trust you. One of the approaches that we take is that we offer free shipping. We want you to try us out. I don’t want you to think that you’re taking a big risk and pay shipping. If you don’t like it, you can send it back, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it. There’s a feature on our website where you can ask a question. You can contact us via email or phone, but customer service is extremely important to us.

A brand like ourselves, we’re competing with the likes of Victoria Secret and Adore Me, and Soma, so we really have to entice our customers to shop with us and provide that A-1 customer service.

So if you’re reading this and taking notes, Saxony warns future entrepreneurs to do your research! There’s no way, SAXY’S would be as successful as is today by skipping steps 1 – 3 in building a business let alone a brand.

Really do your research. Not just about being an entrepreneur, but about the ins and outs of a business. Do a survey and don’t just rely on your friends – go outside of that. Know who’s going to answer the phone calls, fill the orders… if your business is booming think beyond what you’re doing at your computer for a couple of hours. That way you know what you’re up against, challenges and a game plan. Oh and a business plan… don’t skip that step either!

I’m excited to see how far SAXY’S is going to go, but I’m very excited about grabbing my own SAXY’S wear and sharing my amazing experience with you! Join me! Visit SAXY’S online now and purchase your own sexy, yet comfortable, hubby/boyfriend approved sleepwear! (Click logo below and start shopping!) 🙂


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