Running Blackwards



Running Blackwards

“No change can happen until our mindsets are altered.” – LSherie

As I’m typing I’m pondering the reactions to this message. I’m calculating the strengths it may yield and even the criticism of outwardly speaking on this negative cloud of disregard for human life – knowing full well that my brand is and will always be of positive media.
But how do I sit silent? How do I press all the good stuff and ignore pain, excuse me, death inflicted on OUR youth…OUR men…OUR families? Am I too not a steward of my community? Who am I that I should smell only roses, dance in fields of sunflowers or bathe in lavender as if my heart does not too cry and ache from the ills of what many would say does not exist – Racism?
Questions, concerns, hurt, frustration, lack of security, mourning, broken homes, stolen lives, outrage, riots, police brutality…no justice. This is where we are in 2014. This is what we fought over 50 years ago in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., and even in the harden bricks of Harlem, New York. Haven’t we overcome? I’ll answer for you…NO.


I’ve watched the videos. I’ve read the articles. I’ve listened to candid conversation. I read outraged posts on social media. I’ve sat and cried and prayed in the middle of my bed for the families and communities of…


Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner
Kimani Gray
Kendrick McDade
Sean Bell
Oscar Grant
Wendall Allen
…and countless others. Totally and utterly baffled by the judicial system. Police killing unarmed people, because yes…they are people, and justifying it. But you don’t understand why communities are fighting back. I’m not saying burn down food supplies, businesses, etc. I’m saying, I understand the urge to stand up to injustice.
Killers, because that’s what they are, skating away free, yet receive large sums of money for interviews to tell their twisted and unrealistic sides of the story. But you don’t understand the anger. Where’s the shame? Where’s the remorse? Truly this is some message our “system” is displaying.
Let me tell you…this country, this land of the FREE is not moving forward. We cannot progress without progression. We cannot begin to heal without addressing the real issues.
Admit it or remain numb to the fact that Blacks are and have always felt and experienced some form of racism. No man, woman, or child should ever fear walking streets paved on free land afraid of how the people sworn to protect us will react to us. Racial profiling is real. No man, woman or child should have to go through this…

– Sylon R


…and die at the hands of those who receive no consequence. These recent incidents of blatant police brutality are drawing outcries from every corner of the world and yet, in our very backyard, many citizens of this country remain oblivious. Children are confused questioning why “the system” does not work for them because of the color of their skin. Saying it’s not a racial matter is insane.


But wait… did you see this?

“A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner’s Killing — The Man Who Filmed It” – Huffington Post


How does this happen?
The question that always arises is, what happens now? We know it’s a rooted racial issue…how do we bring resolution, justice to our not-so-justice system? I’ll be honest and admit there are more questions than answers and I will keep pushing the issue of voting and taking back our communities peacefully, but with a vengeance. Many will say, “use the system against them,” but that is proving to not be of any help either. So what do we do? Such an intense outcry of social and racial equality has soared to an all-time high this year alone.  Black, white, young, old and many other cultures band together in protest of these wrongful acts of injustice and disservice to our country.


Jackson State University students protest grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner.

Jackson State University students protest grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner. | Photo by Clarion Ledger


Social media exploding in dialogue and viral hash-tags such as #BlackLivesMatter, #CrimingWhileWhite and #ICantBreathe have literally invaded Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  The conversation is loud is boisterous while immediate action on some form of change to our judicial system is sluggish and unfavorable.  Running Blackwards…


Just my thoughts…

LSherie Dean Founder | CEO The LSherie Alert, LLC

LSherie Dean
Founder | CEO, The LSherie Alert, LLC

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