How to End the Routine Life



Food is cooking. I’m washing dishes and mixing up formula for Demi Jade’s bottles and lime the suds that flopped in my face it hit me…

We are truly creatures of habit. I mean think about it.

I’m doing all this stuff at one time thinking about my long day at work. The everyday routine is just daunting.

Right then, I just let out this burst of frustration.

“I’m so tired!” Nope, it’s not because I have a little girl who needs me, it’s because I ain’t no way this is life.

Honestly, we waste so much precious time twirling in these familiar cycles, afraid to take a chance on that mustard seed of faith lying deep inside.

You and I both know there’s more to life than working all your life and then… die.

5 Ways to Improve Your Life Tomorrow- Entrepreneur 

So how do you change this? How do you finally live?


If you don’t believe in you, don’t expect to see a change. In fact you might as well grab your clothes in preparation for another day of mundane routines.

If you’ve been following me over the years you know that I’m a strong believer in faith. Faith was just the beginning of creating Without it, I may not be writing this to you now. I may not have been able to speak on many different platforms sharing my story. I may not have ever had the chance to work with the family of slain civil rights activist, Medgar W. Evers.


Me and Reena Evers-Everett

Me and Reena Evers-Everett

So many opportunities may have never been seen had I not simply had faith.

Faith is just trusting and believing that whatever you want to do, you can achieve it. Whatever you feel you deserve to have, you’ll receive it. It all starts with a little faith.


Be careful now. Stopping at just having faith of a mustard seed will leave you with nothing but a wish.

Condition not only your heart, but your mind to receive all the things you deserve.

Begin with changing the way you think.
When you’re truly ready to change your life, you think differently. Instead of rambling negative thoughts of bills piling up, workload, kids acting up, weight, or health issues… think positively about how you will overcome each obstacle.


Believing and conditioning is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more. It’s called work.

Faith without works is dead right? You may have faith and wholeheartedly believe that you deserve a better lifestyle, but without any action, there’s no action, meaning… you ain’t doing one thing towards making your life better.

Action could mean going back to school to get that degree that will jump you a few flights on the corporate ladder.

It could mean, starting your first business ever. I know… It’s scary, but you can do it.

It may just mean you’ll have to save more to be able to enjoy fruits of life you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever your “action” may require… The key is actually working that faith and all that conditioning into something tangible… Something more like reality.

Now that I’m eating and Demi Jade has settled down for the night, I’m wondering if I just need to take my on advice.

Together we can stop handicapping ourselves and LIVE with no restrictions of pure bliss.


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