Rekindling the Love of Music

Rekindling the Love of Music

Leah DeVon

Music is like a drug…a very good one. It pulls you in and intoxicates the core of your spirit. Music defines cultures, tells stories and is often acknowledged for soothing and healing. For Leah DeVon, music is every bit apart of her as her DNA.  So if this article is entitled “Rekindling the Love of Music” did Leah turn her back on music…on herself? Or was it simply something else?

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over that the music industry is no joke.  That it changes you in ways you can’t imagine or would never accept otherwise.  But that’s not exactly Leah DeVon’s story. To understand her story, you have to know who she is.

Leah DeVon is an amazing singer/songwriter, television host, wife and very recently – a mother.  She’s incredibly passionate about her music and always has been.  That was seen as she dominated social media network, MySpace years ago sharing her music and gaining fans literally around the world.  Music has always been the thread in the fabric of her family.  She recalled her aunts singing opera around the house.  Soon Leah developed her own style.


I was considered an old school singer, like Nancy Wilson. I’m rhythm and blues with a little bit of pop.  I never really knew how powerful music would be.  I posted my music on MySpace and became number one!  It was incredible to receive emails from young girls saying how my music inspires them.

The high from receiving so many compliments and messages from people she’d never met or may never meet was overwhelming. After finding success via social media, Leah DeVon was well on her way to stardom.

I had the powerful manager and was on my grind, but I learned the hard way about what I would do and not do for music.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a very wonderful and successful management group, they were good to me…we worked well together.  I stopped because I didn’t like where the industry was headed.  I didn’t want to put myself in a position I don’t want to be in. I have to feel comfortable about what I’m singing.  It’s my character…my authentic self.

During Leah’s hiatus from music she needed something else.  Music had surprisingly bored her and it was time to move on. Leah dived head first into creating a television show that would highlight celebrities and other people doing extraordinary things.  Sound familiar? They talked about their journeys.  Indie Style TV was televised in Manhattan, Atlanta and Brooklyn.  Quite an accomplishment! Using her skills in social media, Leah keeps her music, show and other ventures relevant by constantly posting project preparations, reruns of her show and spreading positive messages.

I’m always inspired by my family.  I learned to surround myself with positive people.  I’m supported and lucky!  When I had to walk away from music it was defeating…yet humbling.  The most humbling was performing for our troops overseas.  It was amazing.

Like an old habit, music found its way back to Leah.  After some time away, Leah decided that this time she would do it her way.  Being an independent artist is tough, but Leah is ready for all the challenges.  But what drew her back in? Well, when something is as vital to your being and your passion…your purpose, it’s hard to let go completely…it’s hard to not fall back in love…in love with music.  So like her fans hoped, Leah rekindled something dear to her heart.  This time…her way.

I started this campaign, “Kick-start Your Dream” through Crowd Funding.  It’s a service where people actually invest in something you love. I want to be realistic.  I’m now doing an EP.  I want every song to mean something inspiring- not spiritual, but inspiring.  The single I wrote, “The Victory Is Mine” is a song I wrote for a lady in Mary Kay suffering from cancer. It’s very impactful- powerful. 

I wanna leave a message that I really do believe everybody has a purpose.  So many people have passion, but don’t do it because they’re afraid of failure.  It’s so important to have a plan.  Music is a business.  People have to see you investing in yourself.  So my advice to you…to everyone is to stay the course.  Have faith…be humble.  Be true to who you are and when people see your recipe for success…be grateful.

It’s fantastic how your passion and purpose intertwined for a greater good.  We’re all here for a reason.  Whether it’s music, art, dancing, or trampling a keyboard to write someone else’s story – you can and you will make it happen.  Believing in yourself…staying authentic to your true self is the key.

Much love hearts…

– LSherie




Twitter/Instagram @LeahDevon


“Kick-Start Your Dream” to launch on March 13


Leah DeVon

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