One Hundred and Thirty-Nine Pounds

Breaking the Bondage of Obesity


One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of fear.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of insecurity.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of failure.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of poor health.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of doubt.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of weakness.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of hopelessness.

One hundred and thirty-nine pounds of OBESITY.




Obesity has been a curse among the human race along with a host of other illnesses for years due to lack of health education, lack of exercise or daily activities, poor and unhealthy habits, and heredity- to name a few.  In some cases, it’s the leading cause of death.  What makes this truth so staggering is that obesity is preventable.  Yes there are health issues that may cause weight gain, but just because “obesity” runs in your family – it doesn’t give you cause to continue the bad trait and accept it as your fate.


I myself struggle with weight, eating healthier and exercising.  To be honest, I just don’t feel like doing it.  That attitude has caused a dramatic increase in my weight over the past year alone.  I’m tired more often than usual so I make excuses to make myself feel better about not exercising or eating healthier.  It’s a mindset thing really.  We find time for everything else, but when it comes to our health, we hide.


However, this isn’t about me.  This story is about a beautiful young woman I had the pleasure of meeting long before The LSherie Alert was blossomed into the universe.  We met in, I think, 2005 or 2006 at an American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Somehow my AMA chapter (Jackson State University) merged with the group from Columbia College and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  Have you ever met someone that seemed like the sunshine followed them all the time? Well, that’s the best way I can describe Lindsey M. Adams.  Pure sunshine, full of life, creative and fashionable.  Lindsey has one of those personalities where you can’t help but love her.  And yet, through her super bright smiles, Lindsey was battling herself with obesity and quite frankly accepting who she was before dropping a glorious one hundred and thirty-nine pounds.


I was a very active young woman in many areas of my life.  I’ve worked since I was 14, many times having two jobs while in high school and college.  I served and participated in chapters of AMA, NABJ, Toastmasters, debate and orchestra.  I always told myself, I’m Black, a woman and FAT.  I have to be pretty amazing in order to succeed to the levels I dream of. Those were setbacks.  Instead of those being wonderful attributes, I looked at who I was as issues.


There comes a time when you look yourself in the mirror and decide, “No this isn’t for me.  I don’t have to live this way,” and that’s exactly what Lindsey did.  She took charge of her situation and cleaned up her bad health habits.  Of course she needed help.  That extra boost of encouragement to get her moving.


In July 2011, my accountability partner from church confronted me that the “enemy” aka the Devil’s plan was to kill me with my weight and health.  She gave me a booked called “Devil I’m Taking Back My Health” by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu.  Reading that book created a spark in me that this path to health is not about me being FAT and UGLY with no boyfriend, but there are some real principles that everyone need to know and follow in order to live a healthy life.


Whether you believe it or not, I’ve always said that God will place people in your life to help guide you through your journey.  That goes for every aspect whether it be professional, relationships and even your health.  It’s important to understand that while realizing that her [Lindsey] health was plummeting, she actually listened to the words from her accountability partner and changed her mindset.  That’s all it is…a change of mindset to do what needs to be done.  To see yourself in a different light…a different life and set out to make that new vision of yourself…of your goals into view.


I was motivated by the people God sent into my life.  Before I lost weight I had no nutritional and fitness background.  Now my circle includes my nutritionist, Weight Watchers employees, personal trainers and owners of gyms.  Each person game me a lifestyle tool to help me along my weight loss journey.


Getting started is the hardest point of changing your mindset.  There are always some kind of doubt that runs through your mind or barrier thrown in your way to keep you from moving forward, but once you’ve seriously taken an oath to yourself to make a change, it will happen even with the challenges ahead.  Like everything else, Lindsey knew there would be challenges, but she willed herself to push harder.


Personal challenges are first the eating.  I had an unhealthy relationship with food.  It controlled my mood, when and where I did things, and how I thought about myself.  As I got smaller, I had to eat less and it was so uncomfortable.  Like someone took the chair from underneath me.  I didn’t know what to do with all of my emotions and feelings.  In order to lose weight with this challenge, I learned how to cook- for real.  I had to learn how to enjoy food that tasted good and was low in calories.  I also told myself, “I am not being deprived from eating this way because it’s all my body needs.”  I had the revelation that my stomach is small and I cannot eat by my emotions.  I had to eat only when hungry and learned what “hungry” is during my weekly fast.


Although this was…is a personal battle for Lindsey, she had the support of her family and friends who constantly encouraged her.  Lindsey talked about how blessed she was to have “good, supportive people around.” With a solid foundation in her faith, her family and her will to be a better- healthier woman, Lindsey was set for her transformation and breaking the bondage of obesity.


My mentor Stacey Wingfield was there every day that I was mad, sad, disappointed and defiant against this journey.  She explained things I couldn’t understand because of my obese mindset.  She came with me to Over Eaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, and CARA running program.  She literally was there doing it with me every step of the way.


You do know there’s a process to everything, no matter what you’re going through there is a process.  The process strengthens you mentally, physically, and emotionally to create a stronger, wiser version of you once freed from whatever it is you had to endure.  Intrigued, I thought maybe I would push a bit deeper to find out how Lindsey’s health and spiritual life correlated with her process of becoming a healthier woman.


Man my worship is on a new level.  God has really shown out by blessing me with the opportunity to be free of obesity.  I’m free from so many bad relationships, bad thinking, and bad jobs that my heart is clear to submit to Him.  I learned that I’m not a BIG GIRL even when I was extremely overweight.  Myself and many Black women think they’re big boned, or a big person physically.  I now know that I’m not BIG at all…I’m only 5’5.  That was all FAT. 


Lindsey’s everyday life changed for the better and so her process began…


A day in the life of LMA, LOL…20 ounces of ice cold water and an apple to get energy and metabolism running.  Six o’clock workout, 7:30 prayer time with the Lord, confession and thanksgiving.  Hustle at my job with an already prepared lunch and snacks.  Evenings are spent back at the gym.  Weekends are pretty much the same…


It gets better! Lindsey took control of her life and changed her mindset.  When she changed her mindset she put in an active attack on her goals.  As her body changed, her mentality and spirituality followed.  Stronger, wiser, healthier and finally breaking the bondage of obesity.  With her fresh attitude, new body and healthier perspective, Lindsey took to the web with her inspiration to encourage others who are just like her to dig deep and begin ripping apart at obesity.


I started my Youtube channel in 2009 and blogged for years about natural hair, fashion and purity.  So after I lost my first 50 pounds, it was so noticeable that people were asking for me to talk about it.  I was very reluctant because I had v-logged about my weight loss in 2009 and gained it back.  This new journey was too sensitive to have other people’s opinion in it.  BUT GOD would not let me be selfish.  So I decided to document my journey and people were INSPIRED.  In 2013, I stared getting calls to come and speak at Weight Watchers and other organizations. 



Now one hundred and thirty-nine pounds lighter, a business woman and inspirational speaker, Lindsey M. Adams has conquered her biggest monster – OBESITY.  I’m certain it wasn’t easy and she gravely wanted to give up many times.  I can imagine her frustration and doubt.  I can imagine her wanting to believe that she was meant to be FAT.  I can also imagine her sweat, blood and tears to accomplish her healthy weight goal, to not let down the people who were watching – those she was inspiring.

So many of my subbies on YouTube have decided to join Weight Watchers, call in to the weekly prayer calls and start fasting.  They basically have started incorporating all the tools I’ve used because it will lead to success.

My health weight for 5’5 is max 150 and that’s my goal.  I’m on my last 18 pounds count down.  The hardest pounds to lose, thus far.  My goals also are to better incorporate fitness in my life.  The strict healthy lifestyle affords me to number one – feel fabulous and keep look good.  I love that I don’t have a bulging stomach and giant calves.  This was the first year I was able to wear knee high boots.  That is an amazing feeling because I love fashion and having more options.  When you look good, you feel good and that comes in any size.

When asked about her overall goals, Lindsey simply stated that she wants to “bring light to the dark places of people dealing with obesity…to free people from the idea that being obese is who they are.”  She wants to and is inspiring people to change their lifestyles to a healthier brighter set of goals and values infused with fitness, eating healthier and living a positive life.

Amazing it is to hear the testimonies of those who have overcome obstacles in their lives that may have ended their existence.  Obesity is real and even more than that…it’s a real threat to your life.  Lindsey had created a brand to bring people to the realization of this fact that Obesity is a disease that can be prevented and reverted. Ask her about breaking free from obesity and here’s what she has to say…

YES, YES, YES, I AM FREE! I have been set free and now am purposed to set other people free.  My mindset and desire are in line with God and I understand that obesity kills and gluttony or over eating is a sin.  I LOVE myself and my life.




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