No I’m Not Voting in This Election


Dear No I’m Not Voting in This Election,

As a black woman born in the dead of summer in northeast Mississippi in the great United States of America, I’m often reminded how detrimental my voice is to the growth of my future. Believe it or not, the same applies to you, no matter what your race, religion, sexual orientation, or creed may be.

Our voice gives rise to debates and solutions to issues that affect us all…negatively or positively. Either way you choose… the point is, you have the right to choose.

I think maybe you’ve confused some things. You see, YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE. As corny as it may sound, it’s just that significant. This is our chance to fight wrongs,  hell this is our chance to fight back.  Our liberties afford us the opportunity to speak up and in your case remain silent, but why stay silent during the most vital decision making occasions and yet, when it’s all said and done… complain?




The past few years we’ve seen an increase in inequalities and injustices. For some time it felt like modern-day civil rights era. I understand…I really do. And I’m sick of it too.

Maybe you feel like President Obama didn’t do enough. Maybe you feel like that glorious high pedestal seat in that grand house built by slaves is just a pawn for something more sinister. I get it, but realize when you refuse to vote…you are mute to your country. You are turning your back on your community. You are saying your future doesn’t matter…better yet; neither does the future of your children…our children. Kind of selfish.

Here’s my plea to you in these final hours…
This ain’t the time to sit at home and turn mute! You seriously need to change your mind and find yourself at the polls. Why?

Well for starters…

This election is major… it also includes electing your local and state officials. It’s important to vote all the way down the ballot.
All of these elected officials are like pieces to a much grander puzzle. In other words, they all have a role to play when it comes down to passing laws, working with the President of the United States to increase funding for education, better wages, increasing employment, better healthcare and much more. Basically, whoever we vote into these offices determines who will have control over the Senate or the House. As we saw during the reign of President Obama, there was Republican control which cause many problems with President Obama being getting much more done. But wait… in case you didn’t know, here’s just a few things President Obama actually accomplished…

10 of Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments

Yes, you guessed it… people died to have the freedoms you’re talking about wasting.
There have been generations of obstacles and boundaries slapped in the faces of people of color, women included, before finally being able to vote. Ask your grandparents. Would you really deny the opportunity when blood was shed and lives dedicated to ensure the day would come when you… yes you would boldly walk up to the polls and cast your vote? Maybe this tidbit will help you: Voting rights, minority turnout, and the next election

You may not realize this, but your vote matters.  You make a difference.  Even through all the chaos and political rhetoric… your voice has weight.  Consider the next four years.  That’s a long time to regret not saying [voting] anything.

I believe you do want change.  I believe you may even be disappointed in both presidential candidates, but I urge you to VOTE! I’m going to tell you who to vote for.  I;m just pleading for your to make a sound decision that’s best fitting for you.

Change your mind and now trying to decide on who to vote for? Awesome! Let me point you to the candidates…



Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton

Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton



Republican Candidate, Donald Trump

Republican Candidate, Donald Trump




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