LSherie Spills Nine Months of Stressed Unemployment



LSherie Spills Nine Months of Stressed Unemployment




I’ve been waiting to share this story of mine.  Not sure how people would take it or how much of it I honestly want to reveal. Kind of ashamed, but then I remember my own words of how powerful your story is to the healing of others you may not even know. So instead of holding back, I’ll humbly share my 2014 with you.

In order to dive into my 2014, I have to start with the end of my 2013.  Thirteen being cast as the ugly duckling…the odd number…the unfortunate one…the unlucky one, that year proved to be almost all of those things within the last two months of it.  Yet, God kept me.

It begins in November 2013 when I was called into my CEO’s office.  When I arrived, my immediate supervisor was already seated with a concerned look.  I figured it being the end of the year the worse thing they could tell me is that I would not be receiving my Christmas bonus.  There had been plenty of talk about budget cuts and things the organization would no longer be able to do because of the new health care laws.  If you ask me, 2013 and today is all about blaming President Obama for the lack of businesses using their funds wisely, but I digress.

The sad and pre-apologetic expression carved on my then CEO’s face was classic.  I knew then, it would be worse than not having extra money to give presents to my family and friends.  So I waited in silence until he decided to speak.  What he said next was the set up for a let down.  In a nutshell I was told how amazing I am.  That I’m a joy to work with and that I’ve being wonderful at the organization – for the last 6 years might I add – we love you and think of you as family.

The old build me up to let me down song and dance.  While he spoke I mentally shut out his words and prayed silently asking God to guide my response to whatever he was saying.  Not to be rude or cocky, but I know how valuable I am.  I know that I have impeccable skill and vast understanding of not just my job, but others as well.  I’m a team player, but any time will no doubt take the reigns of leader. I’m like the corporate round-the-way-girl…excuse me…woman.

Listening and not listening at the same time, I hear “we’re going to have to let you go…”  I’m not going to lie one bit, I was furious, but all that praying in silence and asking God for wisdom worked marvelously.  My response was simply, “I understand.  You have to do what you have to do.” And I said it with a smile on my face.  At that very disturbing moment there was a sense of disloyalty, frustration, anger and pride.  For some reason the relief of no longer being stuck in a position headed nowhere outweighed all of that.  In that moment I wasn’t the least bit worried about how I was going to pay my rent, my car note, and all those other bills.  I was actually thanking my then CEO for the 6 years of learning at the organization.

The look on their faces were of confusion.  At least that’s what I saw.  I never raised my tone.  I never voiced that there are plenty of others at the organization that are incompetent and should be the first to leave.  I never fault the organizations’ spending habits.  I simply said thank you and let them both know that I would be perfectly fine.  I went back to my desk with a smile on my face, but shaking my head.  In a way I was disgusted, but hey…everything happens for a reason.  That was my attitude for the next month.  I continued to produce quality work until my last day with the organization.

When I say God kept me…I mean it. That Christmas was the best Christmas I’ve had since being in corporate America.  It’s like money was coming from everywhere and I balled out of control for the holidays spoiling my family and boyfriend crazy – loving every bit of it.  Oh and my bills were paid.





After the holidays it became clearer to me that I no longer had a job.  Six years in corporate, pouring my skills and lending my fresh ideas to an organization that ultimately did not value me like they say.  I mean, if they did I would still be there right?  I know for a fact my salary did nothing to help boost the level of available funds.  Ain’t no way.  Like a ton of bricks it hit me and I fell to my knees crying uncontrollably.  I was so upset it was hard to breathe through the tears.  Suddenly I became angrier and bitter.  That poised reaction I had when they broke the news to me went out the window.

It was like this for a while.  Doubt started to rummage my brain.  I felt like a failure and a disappointment.  I had to depend on my parents more and that made me very resentful.  There was still prayer, but it was angry.  I had to get myself back.  I had to pull myself together.  Too many people look at me for inspiration, but I couldn’t inspire if there was nothing left in me to give.  Sadly I had allowed doubt and disappointment to disturb my progress.





A couple months went by and I decided that I would make the best out of my situation and focus on The LSherie Alert, LLC.  I felt it slipping away from me and I couldn’t allow that.  There was no way I was about to let this little mishap rip everything I’ve worked so hard to accomplish so far. The moment I made up my mind that I would fight for me was the moment I was filled with so much understanding.

I realized that God took me out of a dead-end position to elevate me to where He needs me to further fulfill His purpose for my life.  I realized that this unwanted time of unemployment was the time needed to go through the process of rebuilding and redirection.  Of course I filled out what seems like hundreds of applications and went through several interviews in and out of state, but nothing would bite.  I still had obligations and responsibilities.

This time was used to reevaluate what I’ve done and what should be changed both personally and professionally.  I worked harder to network.  I focused on strengthening my brand.  I worked harder than I did when I had a job.

  • I was nominated for “Best Rising Entrepreneur” in the 2014 Best of Jackson.
  • A Keynote speaker for Women Power Conference
  • Co-hosted a major fashion event.
  • I had the opportunity to speak at my Alma Mater, Jackson State University sharing my entrepreneurship experience to a room of business students and a few of my old professors.
  • Hinds Community College in Utica, Mississippi invited me to speak to their summer entrepreneurship program.
  • Dr. Edelia Carthan of The Fabulous Life made sure I had the chance to share my story with her students.
  • Moderated a mayoral debate.
  • The official social media manager for American Cancer Society – Making Strides Walk in Jackson, MS
  • Social Media Partner for the 2014 Core DJs Retreat
  • Social Media Manger for the 2014 Walls Group End of Summer Jam
  • A sponsor for the Human Mind Experience
  • And even got an impromptu part in a movie.  LOOK AT GOD!


Mayoral debate












After a while I understood that God was testing me.  He closed every single door that was not in line with the direction He needed me to grow.  Yes…I mean grow.  This nine months process of being unemployed boosted my faith because during this nine months of struggle, I found relief.  During this nine months of frustration, I gained wisdom.  During this nine months of pain, my faith was strengthened.  I listened to what God wanted and how He wanted it done.  I let go of dead weight in my life.  I released doubt from my mindset.  I freed any person who was not in line with my purpose. This nine month process was the incubation of something miraculous.  It was the preparation for the next level of my purpose.  In order to move up you have to let something go.  So it took nine months for me go through this process of constant prayer and actively rebuilding myself.





If you’ve every read any of my post from time to time I will mention the grace and mercy of God.  Even though I was moving in the right direction and focusing more on my business and helping others. The struggle remained.  I thank God for my family and that amazing man of mine.  If it weren’t for them, I would have gone insane.  But I could not let this little mishap rip my purpose.  And I didn’t. Through God’s amazing grace and mercy bills were being paid y’all. LSherie didn’t miss not one meal, you hear me?! Not one. I still got all the things that I needed and a few of my wants.  When you put all your faith in God, He will give you an overflow of grace and mercy.  I was still able to walk into a room with the biggest smile ever knowing good and well my bank account was near death.  I was able to still inspire and uplift others to follow their dreams.  It came easier as time rolled by.  It’s all because of His grace and mercy.








Let me tell you how God works! Remember earlier I mentioned that God closed every single door during my nine months process? Well after nine months of going through it y’all, I was granted a new position, higher salary, in my field and doing all the things that I love and currently do with my own business.  So this new job was just a bonus.  Like Stella, I got my groove back.  Because of my obedience and unwavering faith, God is not only blessing me, but blessing my family, friends and any one who has and is supporting me.  I AM STILL STANDING.

The LSherie Alert, LLC has a brighter future too! No games are being played here. Several new projects will be unveiled and so will the return of TLSA NetSocial…with a twist.  For all of those who have continued to support The LSherie Alert, LLC and share all that is positive… THANK YOU! You are also a big part of why this business continues to grow.  For those who are new to this and want to keep up with what’s happening… subscribe and join us on our social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest)


I hope my story inspires you to never give up, keep God first and remember why you started in the first place. What God has for you, no man can block or destroy.  You were put on this Earth for a reason and a divine purpose.  Believe it. Live it. Nurture it. And most importantly, share it.


Much success hearts,




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