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Mitchell C. Davis is the founder of Mitch C. Davis, a Marketing/Branding/Inspired Photographer. Mitch has an eye for innovation and pixel perfection.  “I’ve worked the gamut of clients and although my skill set is vast, my expertise revolve in the worlds of marketing, branding. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative to my clients.” Mitch C.  Davis provides a solution based approach that takes into consideration all of the brand marketing foundations that must be in sync with one another to successfully deliver on the company’s brand promise. Whether presenting a new product, re-positioning for growth or developing new strategies to better compete, Mitch C. Davis has a long, track record to provide creative ideas that will provide success.

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•Introducing a new product
•Starting a new business
•Re-positioning a business or organization for growth
•Re-pricing current products and informing your customers.
•Increasing sales and lead generation
Mitch C Davis has been helping local and regional and brands better understand the difference between just advertising and effective brand marketing   and in effect, have a proven track record of providing better and more successful returns on our clients marketing investments.


Old advertisements for Pentax cameras used to contain the line, “You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it.” I think that idea sums up my philosophy of photography as well as anything can.
 I have been artistically inclined since I was a child. Growing up, I always took art classes. I also loved music and drama (and still do), but photography was what I was most drawn to. I got my first camera when I was teenager and I haven’t been able to put one down since. I am completely self-taught. To me, there is nothing that captures history and emotion like photography. You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
I use Canon professional cameras and flashes, but I really love finding and using natural light whenever possible. I also like using alternative light sources. To me, photography is painting with light. I feel blessed to have the beautiful state of Mississippi, with its scenic backdrops and beautiful natural landscapes, as a canvas.
 I started Mitch C Davis Photography in 2012 in Jackson, Mississippi. It is my goal and dream not just to photograph people, but to have my photographs of them tell the stories of their lives. I strive to capture moments that people can cherish for a lifetime. Moments as such as a grandmother seeing her grandchildren for the first time, or the tenderness of a mother’s hands holding her newborn, are the kind of moments that define people’s lives. Such moments should be revered, remembered, and preserved. That is my passion.
 I love photography and the emotion it encompasses! I would be honored to capture that emotion and turn it into artwork and heirlooms for your family.



Think you have SEX APEEL? Like to show it off! APEEL COLLECTION is looking for guys to feature in our up coming ad campaigns. APEEL is always searching for the right male model that fit the look and feel of APEEL COLLECTION.  If you are interested, send us an e-mail at Be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:

– Name
– Address

-Contact Number
– Waist size, height, and weight
– Age (all models must be over the age of 18)
– Build type (athletic to muscular)

Please make sure to send us some pictures. A full front, side, and full back  body shots. All pictures are strictly confidential, never shared, sold, or used without your explicit permission.  Make sure you send us a SHORT BIO.

*** All submissions must meet our branding standards. NO EXCEPTIONS… ***







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