You’re Making A Big Mistake


I Can’t Watch You Do It! 


I can’t.  I refuse to say nothing and allow you to make the one mistake that you will regret…the one mistake that will put a halt to your personal evolution… the one mistake that will keep you right where you are now..

What mistake? The biggest mistake I see whether you’re in business or in a relationship…the biggest mistake is WAITING AROUND FOR THINGS TO BE JUST RIGHT.
There’s never ever going to be a “JUST RIGHT MOMENT.”  I’m telling you right now, you gotta muster up some faith!
Many already know my story and how I started It was solely on faith. I had no money…no board of directors…no blueprint. Just me and my faith.
There was a clear vision of what I wanted to do, but no book on how to do it exactly.  I followed my instincts. I connected with professionals that know more than I do. I reached out to those I’ve networked with for advice.
I put in the work and before I knew it there was a full blown website developed…business cards..interviews……speaking engagements…awards…members…advertisement…and more!
If I had waited until I had enough money to start this thing… I would still be waiting.
So don’t think for a minute that…
“Oh I’m just going to wait until my job decides to pay me more.”
“One day things will change.”
“He/She will get right sooner or later.”
“I’ll wait until the kids are grown to start my own business.”
“I’ll get started on that book next week.”
“I’ll relocate when I stack up enough money.”
All of these things are just excuses. Excuses that will keep you from receiving the things you really want in life. If there is a goal that you want to accomplish… go out and set it now, but then make something happen.  Don’t just talk about it… do it!
Blessed day!


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