Signs You Might Have a Loyalty Problem

Watch the Company You Keep


Before launching The LSherie Alert, LLC, I was just about involved in everything. I’ve served on several committees, boards, and teams. So I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all.
100% volunteer! I did it for the love of networking and learning something different. Being involved in so much in my community helped build my credibility.
If you don’t, I encourage you to volunteer your time for growth. Find something that interests you and dive into it. 
Working with or just hanging around people you believe to be on the same goal path can be exciting and very comforting that you’re not alone in this journey.  But beware of the snakes or the “Judas’s” of the world.
Not everyone is with you to share the journey, to share the struggle, to share the process. But you better believe they’ll the first one’s around when you’re winning.
You will find throughout your life that there are people who are in it to drain something from you that they can’t offer or provide themselves. Once you don’t have that “thing” anymore, they run.
Here are few hints…
1) They always expect to be in the spotlight with you.
2) They never add any value, just constantly take what’s valuable from you.
3) They begin branching off to duplicate what they’ve taken from you. Oh but what’s for YOU is for YOU!
They don’t just run…they tell all your business to everyone else. That’s when the betrayal comes in. They then decide they can do it better than you. Ignore your calls, emails, etc. offering you up to the wolves while trashing your business or relationship to rip your credibility so that their’s will look more attractive.
1) Do background checks. Are the streets talking negatively or positively? Facebook and Instagram is good measure of character.  You don’t want to be associated with bad people.  That can really hurt the credibility of your business or relationship.
2)Create boundaries. You wouldn’t welcome everyone into your home, so why welcome them into your business and heart?
3)Don’t give away all your secrets. Keep some stuff to yourself, whether that’s business or personal.
Putting yourself in situations where you are always around a variety of people makes you more aware of what you can and won’t tolerate.
I’ve had to learn this a few times.  Just remember with experience comes wisdom.
Blessed day!
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