Lion or Sheep? You Choose

You see there’s a big difference between Lions AND Sheep. I bet you already know the answer, but here’s my version.
Let’s start with the SHEEP.  Sheep do what they are told and are scared of everything. Clap too hard and they are taking off to the hills.  They require supervision.  Even though they play a significant role in every day life, they aren’t aware of it, nor do they take action to achieve it. Everything is done for them.  They are weak. They take rests every chance they get. They are dependent.  They don’t take initiative.
Now a lion… LIONS walk with confidence no matter what’s happening around them they are always aware, yet aren’t bothered by all the other animals walking around. In fact, when they see a lion around the other animals quickly get out of the way.  Lions are strong. They have a sense of pride that oozes through every fiber of their being. Conquerors and mighty beasts with determination to win at any and every cost. Lions persevere.
Now… I gotta admit that back in the day I had some SHEEP-like qualities.
Thank God I grew out of that!  See years ago, before I knew who I was, I did a lot of what others were doing or wanted done.  I was afraid to be out in front so I stayed on the sidelines and in the background. But my purpose is GREATER.
After years of getting to know who I am… you know, looking in that mirror over and over, I realized my true value and that I am no ordinary girl.  I may have looked like sheep then, but there was a LION somewhere deep down.
The more YOU push for that greater being inside, you begin to shed the thickness of sheep wool and step into the world bold, brand new and fierce as a LION.
Don’t ever relinquish your power to be less than what God intended you to be. You were not meant to be sheep, my friend, YOU ARE LION and once you grasp that fact… begin to walk BOLDand PROUD! Trust me, everyone will see and acknowledge!
Blessed day!
Welcome to iNSPIRE here on The LSherie Alert.
May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 

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