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If you’re ever in South Beach, Florida at a major event you may be caught in the flashes of AshaRe The Artist Kingston’s camera.  Believe it or not, this strikingly handsome photographer has always been in front of a camera.  Yes ladies…he’s a model too.  Now he focuses more on his new found love and talent of capturing the perfect moment at the perfect time.  The Artist, as he is fondly called, believes that his passion for photography is much deeper than taking a pretty picture.  To him, it’s more like documenting history… – L. Sherie

LSHERIE:  Who is AshaRe “The Artist” Kingston and what does he represent?

AK:  AshaRe is the guy who wants to document everything through pictures.  This is how you seize the moment and make history.  When you look at old photographs from your parents’ time, it gives a glimpse into their world and how things used to be.  One day in the future people will look back at my photos and get to see how the world was during my time.


LSHERIE:  Living in Miami, must be full of excitement.  What are some of the cool things you’re involved in or get a chance to witness on a daily basis?

AK:  Living in Miami is like living in a movie.  On practically every corner you’re going to see someone filming some sort of production, or women roller-blading half naked down the middle of the street with a pina colada in her hands.  It’s America’s playground.


LSHERIE:  What is art to you and in what ways do you capture it?

AK:  Being an artist simply is the way in which you see the world.  You look for the beauty in everything and every moment.  Even if you’re just taking a walk down the street you should see the beauty in the trees, the temperature, things in motion, and also how you affect those things.  Art is everywhere.  You just have to see it.


LSHERIE:  Speaking of art.  In another life you were a model.  You’ve even stated in the past that you consider your modeling art.  Is this still something you enjoy?

AK:  I still work as model to this day.  I model to gain another perspective as a photographer.  As a photographer, I have a better idea of how the model feels because I am often in his/her shoes so I know how someone pointing a camera in your face can make you feel uncomfortable.  I try to minimize this situation and create this atmosphere where it’s fun and an enjoyable for everyone.


LSHERIE: Now working as a high profile photographer in Miami, how/when did you get your first taste of working with a celebrity?

AK: I got my first shot at taking photos of celebrities when at Miami’s famous Dream nightclub.  The owner of the nightclub loved how I captured shots of Fabolous, Trey Songz, and Tyga while partying in the VIP booth, and so he contacted me to get exclusive ownership of the photos.  Once I was given access to the celebrities, the rest was history…


LSHERIE:  Is there a difference in the rush you feel being behind the camera versus in front of the camera?

AK:  I love to be behind the camera because I love being in control.  It’s my decision to snap the photo once I think the moment is right.  At that instant, I want to seize the moment and make history.  As a model, I have no control over this.


LSHERIE:  You stated that “building your archives and collections of portraits” changed your life.  How so?

AK:  The pictures I take today will become more valuable with time.  If you find an unreleased song that Michael Jackson created in say, 1985, that song has more value because it reveals a part of history that we would like to be a part of.  Photography is the same way.  If I showed you a picture of Michael Jackson from 1985 wouldn’t it blow your mind seeing that he his appearance has changed dramatically?  That picture now has more value.


LSHERIE:  What has been the most rewarding moment of your career thus far?

AK:  The most rewarding part of my career has been getting the respect from my peers and community in regards to my work.  To be respected as a professional is something to be proud of because at that point the people trust you and believe in your talent.


LSHERIE:  Do you see yourself extending your talents around the world in the future?

AK:  Besides photography, traveling is something that I find memorable.  I love to travel to experience the different cultures and their way of life.  I love to try their food, dance to their music, and see how they live.  At some point, I obviously pull out my camera and start snapping photos for my collections. J


LSHERIE:  How are you using your talents to strengthen your community?

AK:  My photographs showcase the life of my community.  South Beach is America’s playground.  I’m here to show the world what a beautiful place it is.  Beautiful pictures encourage more tourism dollars, which is our number one industry for revenue.  When people see my pictures, they say, “Wow!  South Beach looks exciting and full of life.”


I love the LSHERIEalert and can’t wait to see how large this organization will grow over the years.  I just hope at some point, I’m there to help document the movement through pictures. – AshaRe ‘the Artist’ Kingston


Currently working as an event/nightlife photographer, AshaRe has worked privately for the likes of hip hop stars Rick Ross, Fabolous, Ludacris and R&B sensations Trey Songz, Wynter Gordon among others…



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