At an early an age, I developed a passion for baking. I would sit and watch my grandmother and aunt prepare cakes for our family. It wasn’t just the end product that caught my attention. It was the crack of the egg, the pouring of the sugar, the frosting of the cake that turned what seemed so simple into something magnificent. Most importantly it was the love, the time, and effort that was put into each measurement. This is how my love story with baking began. I reside in Madison, MS. I am currently the owner of Kimmiesweett . It is my goal to serve each of my customers with the passion that’s been embedded in me for years. With each product you purchase from Kimmiesweet, you not only get a great taste but you get a piece of love that goes into each measurement to make something great just for you….Call me, email me, so we can stir up the love!!! From my heart full of sweets to yours!! – Kim Ruffin

Kim W Ruffin


Round Cakes (Double Layer )

8″ Round – $35 Serves 10

10″ Round – $45 Serves 25

12″ Round – $55 Serves 36

Tier Cakes Round. (Double Layer)

6″ & 8″ – 45 | Serves 10-20 (Add $5.00 For Fondant)

8″ & 10″- 65 (Add $10.00 Fondant)

6″, 8″ & 12″ – $90.00 (Serves 35)

Serves 50-55 (Add $20.00 For Fondant.)

Square Tier Cakes is an additional $5.00 for each layer

Wedding Cake’s

$ 2.75 per Serving Buttercream

$ 3.25 per Serving Fondant

Specialty Flavored Cake’s – Add $5.00 per Layer

Edible Image Sheets – $12 per sheet

Butterfly Cake



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