Hypersunik Tension Devoted to Lyricism and Conscious Music


Hyprsnk10tion ( hypersunik tension) formally known as the “BurnoutBoiz” is a three man rap group from Jackson, Mississippi.  Recognized for their own style of music, concepts and lyricism, the group continues to stand out in the crowd.

With many years of experience they’re still on top of their grind. These talented young men have something to say and with their new mixtape “Welcome 2 Zombieland” to drop this year, they will have your attention…



Honestly I hadn’t heard much about this group until our latest Indie Music Challenge and that’s the beauty of it…listening to new music and learning about new artists.  Time and time again you’ll hear Hip Hop fans debate the loss of its appeal and originality being spent on trend or what’s hot this week.  So it become somewhat of a refreshment to hear and learn of other underground artist working to change that.

I’m not saying Hyprsnk10tion is the new savior of Hip Hop, I’m simply pointing out that not all young rap artists are following the “what’s hot” method to be known in the music industry.

So what really makes them stand out?  What’s so unique about Hyprsnk10tion?  For starters you could say their name…


Our style and delivery is completely different from what we normally hear in our city.

That’s why we chose the name “Hyprsnk10tion,” it prepares people to expect to hear something different.

It happened sort of randomly. Deezle and King 5ifty crossed paths and found out they shared similar interest in life. Deezle brought along his brother Jai, and they started sharing ideas on music from that moment on.


From that moment on the rap trio has consistently pushed projects over the past seven years learning the dos and don’ts of the music industry.  Like many others, they realized the reality of the music industry is the business itself.  We would all like to believe that talent pays a big role or for that matter is the defining prerequisite for artists to be successful in the industry, but I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times that today’s music industry is mostly concerned with dollars…business.

Living in Jackson, Mississippi you see and hear of countless Hip Hop/Rap artists and believe me when I tell you there’s a plethora of talent in this city likeHyprsnk10tion may be overlooked or simply ignored.  Hyprsnk10tion builds their brand of artistry by delivering individuality in lyricism and conscious music.


Our style of music is unrecognizable because people don’t know exactly where we’re from unless we say it in a song.

As far as our concepts and lyricism goes we push each other to be more creative than what’s already out there.

We think today’s music is too trendy and not enough individuality. And our goal is to bring lyricism and conscious music back to the fore front of Hip-Hop.

In 5 years we see ourselves being one of the most innovative and respected artists of our generation.


But of course there’s the critics.  You have to be able to take the good with the bad and in this case understand and be able to identify flaws to get better…to be better. Hyprsnk10tion stated in our interview that they will soon take “every rappers fans as we continue to make our presence known.”


Our inspiration comes from life experiences; ours and the people around us. Our latest project is “Welcome 2 Zombieland” it is our introduction to the world of where we’re from. Thus the title Zombieland.

We felt the title “Zombieland” best expresses where we’re from. We’re from a place that always seems to be over looked when it comes to talent and creativity.

And with the producer name being Beat Zombie that made it even more perfect.


Hip Hop artist and former Crooked Lettaz member, Kamikaze had this to say about the project:

“Although I would encourage Hypersnk10son to experiment with a more innovative sound, staying away from what’s “hot at the moment”, I feel the passion in their voices and the descriptive nature of the cut gives us a young cat’s view of Jackson, MS. This is a good start. Looking forward to hearing future records from these guys. There is potential here.”




Kamikaze is like a big brother and mentor to us. Collectively we always respect his opinions on our creativity.


Huge hurtles to jump, but it isn’t impossible.  Influence of music comes in many different forms.  I can see how it would be hard to distance yourself from trends- I mean, they seem to be the moneymakers.


We wishHyprsnk10tion well with their new project coming this year.




Twitter/Instagram | @Hyprsnk10tion

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/groups/152866411447410/

YouTube | Hypersunik Tension

Email | snk10muzik@gmail.com



Welcome to Zombieland Coming 2015




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