Here’s To You BRAVE Entrepreneurs

I just want to touch on something real quick. BRAVERY.
A powerful emotion backed by unwavering action that will take you places others are afraid to go.  Kinda like what you’re doing now. It takes sheer bravery to step out in faith and start a business.
It takes sheer bravery to go against the grain. Everybody can’t do what you do that’s why you’re so special. You have a specific purpose in life and your bravery determines just how successful you’re willing to be…how successful you will be.
Bravery defies fear. Bravery repels doubt. Bravery has no room from failure.
Look in the mirror and see just how brave you are. Your courage to be greater is what makes you so great.
People will talk. People will laugh. People will call you crazy. People will doubt. But those people can’t see what God has for you. They aren’t brave enough to step up and step out themselves. So don’t worry about them…
Keep being the brave person you are. I guarantee they see it in you too.
Blessed day!
– LSherie 
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