Growing Out of Season

Are You Growing Out of Season?

Well… STOP! 




Fall has finally touched down and if you love certain foods that normally grow better in the summer time, but still gotta taste for it in the fall and winter… you know it just doesn’t quite taste the same.
You’re craving this satisfying sweet taste and all you get is this watered down bitterness.
Same goes for life. Our biggest problem, and yes I’m including myself in this too, is that we remember how awesome that business partnership was, how good that man or that woman used to be, how amazing it was living in that city growing up, etc.
Our mind often takes us back to past experiences that may have fizzled out at no fault of our own… it was just good for that particular season in your life.
Here’s the real problem… thinking you can get that feeling or that taste or that relationship back like it used to be when in fact you’re wasting your time trying to re-grow experiences out of season.
Relationships, whether professional or personal fizzle out for a reason. If it was meant to last there will never be a need to “re-grow” it. It would simply just continue evolving into something spectacular.
“Re-growing” experiences only causes more anguish, more disappointment, more frustration.  Why go through all that when there’s a new season. A fresh start for something better… something greater.
Stop dwelling on all that stuff that didn’t work out. It didn’t work out for a reason.  Be grateful for the experience… that season and move on to what God has in store for you in this season.
Blessings and prosperity,
fall away
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