Give Up Or Die Trying


Give Up or Die Trying…


Serious question.  What are you going to do?  Your back is against the wall.  You’re losing everything you have. No money. No job. No help. No nothing.


Just stuck. What is your next move?
Give up? Lose hope? Get angry? DIE?
Think about your family. Think about your friends. Think about those little ones that look up to you… they may be your kids, they may be someone else’s.  The point is, someone needs you to stand up and fight.
Your rough patch is someone else’s salvation. You’re not going through this for nothing. So what are you planning to do.
Here’s what I suggest…
GET UP! Wipe the tears. Assess the situation. Be honest about what’s happening. Create a way out.
Sounds easy, but you gotta do it. If not for yourself, for those who depend on you.
It’s now…right now at the point where it’s really boiling and your back is straight against the wall. It’s now where your faith is the most precious thing you can hold on to.
That little bit of faith. That little ounce of hope will pull you through IF you just get up! Dust yourself off. Make a conscious decision that you will not fail.
You may lose everything you have, but understand in order to gain the world, you gotta be willing to let some mess go.
I call it a blessing in disguise. Your breakthrough. Your success. Your favor is closer than you know it.
So whatever your next move is… I pray it’s the move that will push you into your destiny. Greatness awaits.
Blessings and prosperity!
– LSherie
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