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You Have Power… All You Have to Do Is Use It 



If you didn’t know… you have a lot of power inside you.  I don’t mean no little power… I mean that big stuff that makes things happen.

Naturally as humans, we put limitations on ourselves out of fear… out of the vulnerability of past loss.  I get it. I’ve been there. In fact I was thinking about it the other day.
But those limits… those barriers we continue to place in our way only hinder us from reaching the up most height of success God has for us.
Power to remove negativity from your surroundings and your mind. People that can’t see your vision… can’t understand your confidence will fall off. Your thoughts and way of thinking can change so much so that it’s like a force field that blocks all negative energy… even the stuff you start playing out in your mind.
Power to receive clarity from what God has promised. Are you thinking about that goal… that accomplishment… that achievement… that monumental breakthrough?  You can see it, but don’t have a clue as to how in the world you’re going to get there.  I’m standing right there with you. This journey or right and left turns… yes’s and no’s can get tedious and frustrating, but understand that this dream you have… that goal you desire is out there. It’s definitely going to happen as long as you keep pushing… pressing toward the mark.  Take in what God has given you and trust that the journey is only making you wiser and stronger to receive what He has for you.
So get lifted! Stop walking around with your head handing as if you don’t know what God has for you.
Get lifted! This is the time to get excited.  No one else has the kind of power you possess to do the things that God has for you.
You have power to be and do the desires of your heart. Lose the excuses. Drop negative weight. Dare to take chances. Remain faithful. Keep your “why” at heart and GET LIFTED.
Blessed day!!!
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May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 

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