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Freezy (Freeze), born in Detroit Michigan in 1989, is an up-n-coming hip hop artist out of Hartford Connecticut. His witty punches, steady flow, and ability to rip east-coast beats has gained him recognition and the opportunity for a promising future in the music industry.

Freeze began writing in high school as a way to kill time in between classes and free periods. As notebook pages filled up, his fascination grew to the point that he bought his first microphone to take his new-found passion to the next level. To say it came easy to Freeze would be an over-statement and nothing farther from the truth. But he knew the only way to improve was to put in the time, and with improvement would come respect.

Freeze now has 4 mixtapes behind him as he now focuses on the next step to bring him into the spotlight of relativity. Having worked with Connecticut house-hold names like Marcus Gold, Prestige, Klokwize, and ATV – Freeze looks to build upon his current foundation and following through collaborations and networking.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The LSherie Alert’s 2013 summer

Indie Music Challege winner



LSHERIE: Being born in the music capital of the world, did its history of producing great musical legends have any influence on your interest in music?

Freezy:  To be honest, it had nothing to do with it.  I was there at such a young age, Detroit was nothing more than home to me.  As I got older, I learned more about the history and the many musicians that came from the area.  I’d just like to add my name to the list.


LSHERIE:  Describe the Hip Hop culture in the Connecticut arena. How do you fit the mold or stand out?

Freezy:  Hip hop in Connecticut is very competitive, and not necessarily to the point of it being a good thing.  Something that’s constantly thrown around is that there’s no unity within the state, and I tend to agree.  You almost need to leave and start to make a name for yourself elsewhere, before you begin to receive credit back home – and that’s very unfortunate because we have a lot of talent within Connecticut, and by that time the damage has been done.


LSHERIE: Talk about your journey to becoming an artist.  When did it all begin?

Freezy: It was more of a craving for competition than inspiration that got me so involved with the “career” side. Just like with anything else, there is a hierarchy in music, and I feed off the idea of moving up in the ranks. Success is also what YOU make of it – what I see as success isn’t going to be the same for the person next to me. So in that sense, I’ve already reached a level of success by completing an actual mixtape and not only getting my name on the grid, but also gaining an appreciation and acceptance from my followers and peers.


LSHERIE: You mention in your bio that the place where you are in music now did not come easy.  What were some of those challenges and how did you face them?

Freezy: Anything worth having in life doesn’t come easy, and music is no exception.  As I’m sure any artist will tell you, regardless of the art form, it’s like a roller-coaster ride.  One day you’re up, and the next you’re down.  Mental stability is just one of the many things artists need to persevere.



LSHERIE: What has been one of the most valuable lesson you’ve learned being in this industry?

Freezy: Stay humble.  Everyone thinks they’re God’s gift, but those who crave progression and knowledge are the ones that stand out.  It’s foolish to think you know everything, and that your way of doing things is the only right way.  Plus, people don’t like working with know-it-alls.


LSHERIE: Looking into the future, describe that day that you realize you’ve reached your goals with your music.  How will you know that day has come?

Freezy:  My biggest goal is to look back 15-20 years from now and to be satisfied with all I’ve done. Going back to what I said about success, each person views it differently, and at the end of the day, I want to feel successful. As someone who’s constantly growing and evolving, I can’t single out anything specific because how I feel and look at things to be different a year from now.  Generally, I will have achieved all of my goals as long as I continue to grow my following and fans, inspire others the ways other artists have inspired me, and strive to be and do the best I can be. In my eyes, to have accomplished these things, I will be successful, and that is the ultimate goal.



LSHERIE: Speaking of goals, how do you set yourself apart from other Hip Hop artists in your community and from those already big names in the mainstream?

Freezy:  It’s very difficult to break into this industry.  Most people are already set in their ways when it comes to what they listen to, and are very unforgiving when it comes to new music.  If it isn’t coming from the right source, good luck.  The way I handle these hurdles is by staying positive.  You’re going to have some bad days and stretches where it seems like nothing is going right – but then something happens that makes it all worthwhile again.  I do it for those moments.



LSHERIE: Talk about your current projects.  What are the meanings behind them and how do they represent you?

Freezy:  I have a bunch of different projects going on right now as I’m trying to not limit myself or my chances at exposure.



freezy 1


LSHERIE : How has your collaborations with other Connecticut known artists helped build your brand?

Freezy:  The collaborations I’ve done have helped in so many ways.  From building relationships, to building confidence, to helping expand my fan base.  I’ve had the luxury of meeting some great people that have helped pave the way, and that has inspired me to do the same.



LSHERIE: What are your networking goals to push you into the mainstream?

Freezy:  Everyday I’m scouring social media sites and blogs for contact information for people who are interested in hearing new music.  Some days I’m able to collect a lot of email addresses and other days I’m not, but I know I’m doing something to get heard and it’s just a matter of time before it falls into the right hands.



LSHERIE: Which known artist or artists do you consider have an impact on your music today?

Freezy:  One of my biggest influences is J. Cole. He is someone who never ceases to amaze me through his work ethic, grind, and his ‘never give up’ mentality. I feel/see the effect his music has on me and other people, and it makes me want to touch people the same way. He’s really the only artist I can think of that makes me reconsider my lyrics to ensure I’ve put my all into them. To work with J. Cole on a project would be a dream come true.



LSHERIE: Let’s get into how you were chosen as the TLSA Indie Music Challenge winner.  What was the vibe creating Never Knew?

Freezy: Never Knew was a very fun song to make.  It’s funny because I stumbled across the beat on a skateboarding video of all things.  Instantly I knew I had something if I could find it.  Thankfully I did, and the song essentially wrote itself.  The other artist (Pro) and I sat down, and the lyrics poured out.  I think we did a great job.



LSHERIE: Where does your inspiration come from when crafting your music?

Freezy:  My inspiration can strike at any moment, so I need to be ready to put concepts down if need-be.  Usually though, I do my best when my emotions are running high.  The concepts seem to flow together without much thought and it’s more hoping my hand can keep up before the thought is lost.



LSHERIE : What would you want people to gain from your music?

Freezy:  I want people to hear my story and find a way to connect to it.  That’s the impact Cole has on me and it has inspired me to do the same.  I want to touch people through my creativity.


LSHERIE: How often do you study your own craft to perfect it?

Freezy:  I study my craft daily, to the point I’ve fallen out of the loop of new music.  I try to keep up, but at the same time these are the people I’m competing with so it doesn’t really bother me.  I’m always listening to my older stuff to pick out flaws and areas that I need to improve in.



LSHERIE: What is your advice for young aspiring artists?

Freezy:  My advice, like I said earlier, is to stay humble and positive.  Not everything is going to come easy, and you’ll have to work for it.  You’ll be amazed at the doors that open for you when you show you’re ready to work. is an amazing website.   The visuals are great and I like the wide variety of topics you cover.  I’m excited to be a part of it! – Freezy







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