Fifteen Months and Four Teeth Later


Where has the time gone?!

Our precious baby girl is getting so big! She’s changing and becoming this little amazing independent person.  Every day I see a little more of me in her smile and sass. Not completely walking on her own just yet, but her strong will to do things herself is so me. She doesn’t like much help except to walk and the girl can eat! If you know me… well, you know that’s definitely my baby.

Just the other day I was staring at her like I normally do.  I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks I’m crazy by now.  I can’t help it though.  When I think about all the horrible things that went through my mind as the doctor told me she had to take my angel at just 27 weeks gestation; her laying up in a plastic box for two months; and that unforgettable, indescribable moment she stopped breathing… I can’t help it.  I am utterly amazed at God and His unfailing grace and mercy.

Maybe it’s the newness that’s still hovering over me even after fifteen months, but I still can’t believe she’s mine.  I still can’t believe that I have a baby.

Fifteen months of changing diapers, cleaning bottles, and endless feedings. I can’t say… won’t say I don’t get any rest though.  The good Lord knows me well and blessed us with an angel that loves to sleep as much as her mommy, so no jumping out of bed two and three times a night. THANK YOU LORD! If you’re mother and doing that every night, I’ll keep you in my prayers.  I won’t even pretend to understand your pain.

The funny thing is, Demi does things her way. Let me explain.

Demi is not afraid of shots… Just last month she had her one year shots.  Demi giggled as the nurse stuck her in her juicy little thighs while her mommy was hiding behind her father squeezing her stomach and trying not to cry in front of everybody.

Technology is key… Demi prefers communicating through FaceTime, loves talking to Siri 20 times a day, and please keep the iPad on “Little Einsteins.”


Teething? No problems here… Most babies have crying fits, they’re irritable, suffer from sore gums and diarrhea while teething. Not my child. We woke up one day and boom.. a bottom tooth.  Before we knew it Demi’s top front teeth emerged and another bottom tooth popped up from no where. No crying fits. No swollen, sore and red gums. No diarrhea.

I’ve got to stop reading all these “What to Expect” books.  Demi can’t seem to follow the rules and because she’s doing so well, being the nervous mommy that I am, I start worrying that somethings wrong because she’s not doing what’s expected. I’ve counted at least 10 extra gray hairs because of this. Don’t be like me. SMH


Now that these little pearly whites have sprouted, I’m taking precautions and teaching her about taking care of her teeth.  I was told by Dr. Karen to start brushing her teeth now.  It’s great practice and teaches her the importance of keeping her teeth clean and healthy.

Fifteen months later and I am still amazed.  This girl is full of surprises.  I realize more than ever  that books can’t always predict the magic and wonders they possess. Breathe Mommy.. Just breathe.  Continue to nurture, love, and grow with your beautiful little blessing.


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