Expecting A Transition


I’m excited and you should be too. At this point in life you’ve made the decision to be greater.  Not only greater, but phenomenal.
You’re constantly searching for better, digging for the unknown, reaching for higher. You’ve began to trust yourself more.
You’re taking on challenges with ease, because unlike before, you know you’re being lead… you know your’e walking in purpose and whether doors are opening or closing… you’re on the right path.
You’re doing what you love and what ignites passion.
You’re keeping that tunnel vision and even though you experience rough patches, you push on.
You stop worrying about if someone is going to take it from you because you finally accepted the fact that what is for you… is for you. Your purpose is unique.  It’s tailored to every gift and talent entered this world with.
You give more even when it hurts.
You’ve met risk and naysayers head on… no flinching…undefeated…unapologetic.
This is where you are… you’re experiencing a transition. That very moment you decided mentally and verbally that enough is enough… I WILL SUCCEED… that’s when everything will be thrown at you to test you.
Just hold on. Keep pushing. Your overall impact outweighs any and every ounce of pain as you push through this transition.
Blessings and prosperity!
– LSherie
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May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 

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