Excuse Proof Leadership: A Book Review

Mississippi Native Release Debut Book On Eliminating Excuses For Building A High-Performing Team

Whether you are an employer of 101 or just starting a new business with one employee, you need to get your hands on a copy of this book.  Read it not once, but twice. Then again… do not just read it, apply every single principle to your daily operation. Heck you can even tie into your company credo.  I’ll telling you, the nuggets dropped in this book will not only enlighten you, but it’s a great leadership guide to getting the job done with no excuses.

Here is the kicker… you will feel convicted. I know I did! We all conjure up ridiculous excuses as to why something wasn’t done, why a project deadline lapsed, or just why we just didn’t start in the first place. All excuses! Leadership strategist and now author, Tracie L. James sugar coat at all. Her dynamic and vivid illustrations are blunt, clear-cut and in your face. It’s truly a lesson in having “A Get-It Done System.”



Tracie L. James is a leadership strategist, business coach and speaker. She is passionate about helping leaders hit all their goals all the time. She’s on a mission to eliminate excuse laden cultures. 



James targets the many issues why we feel like we cannot accomplish goals and then uses them against us to show us our error in mindset. She calls us out for our excuses and accepting the excuses of others… like our employees.

Excuse Proof Leadership focuses on “Building a High-Performance Team” with visible successful tips that include:

  • Leading by example
  • “Define Everything in Writing”
  • Delegating and;
  • Not Settling

Sounds kind of like it, but this has nothing to do with you current relationship (shade). However, these key strategies work hand-in-hand to help you develop a higher performance team.  Remember, it starts with you so lead by example!

Before you ask, yes I read it – cover-to-cover. Excuse Proof Leadership is brilliant and refreshing. No complex formulas just simplistic straight talk on what to do and not what to; and especially what not to accept.  After reading for myself, and taking action to be an “excuse proof” entrepreneur, I have already accomplished far more within the past month than previously planned. I told you it convicts you to do more.


Excuse Proof Leadership Book Release Event 
L to R: Demi Jade, Me, and Tracie L. James


James’ literary genius is phenomenal, vital for jumping any organization ahead of the curve. Ready or not, once you read this book, you will have no choice, but to eliminate your excuses and take your business to the next level.

Good fruit like this does not come free, but the wealth of knowledge printed on its pages are priceless.  Get your copy today and prepare for your business to explode with a higher performing team.



For more information on the author, visit www.tracieljames.com or follow @iamtracieljames on social media

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