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DENIM Magazine Interview by LSherie 


A dancer from her core, the southern belle, Elise Neal graced stages all over the world learning the entertainment business and living her dream.  Finding her love for acting, her career soon began with a starring role in Rosewood.  Neal is also known for her wifey role in the hit television series, The Hughley’s.  She has proved not only is she a gifted dancer, an entertainer and aspiring director, she is a beauty…  – LSherie 





DENIM:  Which movies or shows do you feel paved the way to your success as an actress?

EM:  The number one movie that paved the road for me was Rosewood in 1997.  This was the movie that the world saw me as an individual- as an actress.


DENIM: How beneficial were your experiences traveling the world playing various roles in musical theater to your career now?

EM: Traveling the world as an entertainer helped my acting abilities significantly.  Learning to manage myself along with learning the business helped me build my career.


DENIM:  How does being from the south differentiate you from other actresses?

EM:  I am who I am.  You’re able to get to know me when you first meet me, but being a southern native has helped me in southern roles.  I can relate to those roles and lifestyles because I’m from the south.


DENIM: Recognized as “Yvonne” from The Hughley’s, how is Yvonne’s character similar or different from the real Elise Neal?

EM: Well, Yvonne was married, Elise Neal is not and Yvonne had children and Elise Neal does not.  That’s about it.


DENIM:  What was it like to work with the great Spike Lee?

EM:  Working with Spike Lee was great!  I remember the first time I met him, I was so nervous.  It was in the streets of New York and he actually recognized me from being in a commercial.  I thought he was going to be excited about the commercial, but he told me how I was wrong for being in the commercial and how it negatively represented black women.  Spike Lee has been nothing but a great person.  He is a hard worker and I have mad respect for him.


DENIM: Who have you been dying to work with?

EM: Actually, I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio.  He has done so well in his career and has grown as a well-rounded actor.


DENIM:  What character(s) have you portrayed that fits closely with your own personality?

EM: None.  And honestly I would not prefer to play a role that mirrors who I am because then it would no longer be acting.


DENIM:  What is one thing you desire out of life?

EM:  I desire to be my own director of my own film one day.  I’m working on that right now.  The film will be based in Memphis, TN.


DENIM: Who are your favorite clothing designers?

EM:  I don’t really have any favorite designers.  I have my own style and will wear anything as long as it looks great.


DENIM:  What do you wear around the house…to the grocery store…to a party?

EM:  Anything that’s comfortable.  It also depends on what kind of day it is or my mood or what location or direction I’m headed in.  Whatever I’m wearing has to fit my personality.


DENIM:  How do you maintain your youthful look?

EM:  Eating right and I exercise every morning.


DENIM:  What one word describes you?

EM: Complex


DENIM:  What qualities in a man excite your senses?

EM: Confidence.  I like a man with confidence.  It’s not all about the exterior, but it definitely matters to me what’s on the inside.


DENIM: Spin the Threads! How’s the love life?  And are the rumors true about you and Rick Ross?

EM: Well let’s just say that when he [Rick Ross] put my name in his song…it meant something.  It actually means more than what it looks like.









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