Dreamers Need A Boost Too


Dreamers Need A Boost Too


We all need that extra push. That extra something that reminds us why we fight so hard. Why we will never give up on our dreams. And we shouldn’t. YOU shouldn’t!

Watch the people around you. See how the big number of friends dwindles to a little of nothing. Everybody won’t be happy for your growth. Everybody won’t agree with the path you take. They won’t be able to keep up with the rhythm and beat of who you are.
“Don’t let the noise of other people drown out your inner voice.” – Steve Jobs
Stand firm on your beliefs. Hold tight to your imagination. Create your life to be the wonderful you desire it to be. Walk where others are afraid to. Build where people say there is no growth. Do for right now that impacts the future.
By now you know it won’t be easy. You know this. You gotta be able to allow your purpose to drive you beyond pain… beyond the loss of so-called friends… beyond the chance of failure.
STAND UP FOR YOUR DREAMS. Because no one else will.
Ain’t nothing like proving naysayers wrong…
Blessed day!

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