Don’t Leave Out The Dash

What Does The Dash Say About Your Life

Don’t Leave Out The Dash

Everything I’ve ever written, every spoke, every typed for The LSherie Alert has been to enhance the dash in my life. It’s to accompany the actions of my purpose.
One day you and I will pass away and that will be left of our memory is what we did and how well we made an impact on the people around us while we lived.
I know it can be a little grim to think about… death and all, but when you’ve truly lived the life you were meant to live and lived it fully, the death part won’t matter as much as the legacy you leave behind.
Many people live a life forgetting about the dash.  They leave this world with regrets. They’re heart broken because all this time on Earth, they didn’t find fulfillment, because they didn’t take the time to figure out what it is in life they are meant to do. They lived like robots, doing as Romans do… you know… whatever society says is right.
Never truly living for themselves…but oh no, not you and I. We see differently. We realize that since birth we were given a task to carry out. A purpose to walk and fulfill.
Whatever you do, realize that your time here is precious, not just for you, but for those who need to see the miracles in your life to understand that it can happen for them too.
Don’t forget that you are powerful. You are strong. You are impressionable.  You are special.
Don’t leave out the dash to make someone else happy. It’s our one chance to be and build monumental.
Blessings and prosperity!
– LSherie

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