Defeat the Odds

Defying Your Naysayers


You know the most hurtful thing is when people who you call friends, family or even mentors look down on you… say negative things about you and what you’re working so hard to accomplish.
All they see are the growing pains. Instead of encouraging… instead of offering up some kind of assistance or just to say… “keep pushing,” they rather smile in your face and act as though they are your number one supporters when in fact they are the loudest naysayer screaming from the background.
This hurts and may even make you wonder if what you’re doing is right. But I’m telling you… let God be your guide, because every time, man will fail you. You may go through an uncomfortable struggle, but that passion… that purpose that is deeply embedded in you won’t go away.
This is just a phase of your growing pains. You can and you will defeat the odds… only if you really want to.
If you want to turn things around. If you really want whatever it is you’re running after, keep moving forward. Get in warrior mode and attack back by accomplishing your goals no matter how hard the road is.
You want success. You gotta fight for it. Desire to walk in purpose more than receiving the approval of others.
The thing is… they may not “see” now, but oh when they do… there will be no question of your journey… no question of your struggle… no question that not only did you defeat the odds, but you defeated every wall that was stacked up against you.
Be the person God created you to be. Through growth and all, you will become stronger. And guess what, you can’t… you won’t defeat anything without becoming stronger.
Blessings and prosperity. We are in it to win and we can’t lose… God got us!
Welcome to iNSPIRE here on The LSherie Alert.
May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 



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