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Mississippi is gradually becoming known housing a wealth of amazing talent…especially when it comes to music.  I’m not sure, but this just may be the mecca of the most talented artists not on the scene. So where does Dee-1 fit into all of this? Well lately there’s been a greater demand for artists, DJs and producers sliding through to check out some of the indie artists. Here’s were Dee-1 comes into play.  No he’s not looking to sign anyone, he’s in Jackson, Mississippi for a meet and greet at one of the dopest spots in the Midtown area, Off Beat, to share a bit of wisdom about the industry and how he’s succeeding. Maybe a few do’s and don’t’s…you get the picture

New to the name? Well, let me school you a little on this artist. Dee-1, New Orleans native, signed with RCA after stepping down as a middle school teacher to pursue his dreams in becoming an artist. You all know how I feel about pursuing dreams…but don’t misunderstand, he’s still teaching through his music.

A little time has gone by and Dee-1 is truly making a statement.  His music is of positive energy, pushing people to live out their dreams and most of all and quite possibly my favorite…about being relevant. With his first single, Against Us pushing the envelope and rattling the music industry, Dee-1 talks about his passion and how his unwavering faith. There’s so much I tell you right now, but you gotta check him out for yourself!

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This is! “You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Be Relevant”

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