Five Steps to Rebuild Confidence and Regain Success






What is this place?

Lately I’ve been having this weird feeling.  Like the thought of letting it all go crossed my mind a few times. Things have changed.  I’ve changed. I’m not sure if I know this person or not…this person I’ve become.  I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just giving my thoughts some volume.

Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe it’s the transition that makes me feel so uneasy.  You know… like when you’re unsure of what should happen next.  Like when a season of good fruit suddenly turns unbearable. Whatever this place is, I’m uncomfortable being here.

I think it started around the time I found out I was pregnant.  Being an entrepreneur and still an eight to five professional made me think that once my baby was born, something would have to drop.

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed?

I would have to make a choice and then that choice would only be determined by dollars. Maybe an ounce of passion here and there, but nothing more.

As frustrating as it can be, sometimes in life we have to make choices.  But you know, it’s not always the easy choices that help us regain our confidence as busy entrepreneurs. Life happens.  We just have to figure out how to adjust with the rolls, twists, and turns.

I thought the easy thing to do was to give up on my dreams… at least for a little while so that I could really be the mother I needed to be. I thought about counting down the days until being released from maternity leave.  I thought about trying to winning the lottery, but who doesn’t every once-in-a-while? Silly right? Honestly, I thought about a lot of things, but never gave real thought about how I was steadily losing confidence in my abilities to make this entrepreneurship thing work…even with all the new changes.

This breaking phase in the life of an entrepreneur can make you run from your purpose…if you let it. I think that’s what this place is. Breakable.

It’s the time when you start telling yourself that you’re failing. There’s no way you’re coming back from this.

You do know doubt breeds doubt right?

Entrepreneurs by heart are fighters. Giving up simply isn’t in our DNA. Sometimes the embarrassment alone will keep you from letting go. Even deeper than that, it’s literally painful when you’ve put so much hard work into something to watch it all wash ashore.

I’ve come to realize that the only way we can get out of this “breakable” stage in life is to regain confidence.


So here are my five suggestions on how to do just that…

  1. Recreate a flow of positivity. Every single day be grateful for the opportunity to share your passion with the world. Realize that not many people were strong enough to step out and take the first step to owning their own business or creating a life-changing brand like you. Remember I said earlier that doubt breeds doubt? Well, you gotta change the way you think. If you’ve been following me over the years you know this is highly important in my daily walk. So stop.  Seriously, your whole thought process has to change.  Focus on the things that have made you successful. Go back to why you started in the first place. Speak positively on everything you do. Look at challenges as an opportunity to level up!
  2. Explore new ways to push your business/brand. Sometimes stepping all the way out the box will lead you to extraordinary opportunities you weren’t able to see possible for your business or brand before. This may allow you to be exposed to new people, fresh ideas, and even switch up your routine to fit a new and improved transition.
  3. Sit down somewhere. Take time for yourself! Very important. We all need a break. In order to keep those fresh ideas rotating, you must refresh, relax and release so it all flows naturally. Ain’t nothing worse than trying to force things to work. Rejuvenation is key.
  4. Self-evaluate. Ask yourself if you’re doing what it takes… if your grind is efficient enough to produce the desired outcome. Slacking will never get you to the top and guess what… neither will giving up. We all have days when we just don’t feel like it, but honestly evaluate your work ethic and then make the necessary changes.
  5. Never stop learning. The more you know, the more confident you will be in your ability to execute tasks that generate a successful outcome.  I highly suggest finding a reputable mentor – someone who has a proven record on making things happen at an optimum level. Stay abreast to new ideologies and don’t be afraid to test what works best for you.  Entrepreneurship is a never ending learning experience. To reach the top and stay there… you have to be able to conform to changes in the market. Basically… be a beast in your field.


Look, this is just a start. A great start in rebuilding your confidence. Remember… It’s the pressure that builds diamonds. So get bent out of shape.

Change form.

Dust off your depression.

By the end of it…

Notice that you no longer look like what you’ve been through.

Shine baby, because you made it and know God has so much more in store for you…you blessed diamond!


– LSherie




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