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Today I just want to share a few awesome tips to increase your business using social media. Now while many people are on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter or whatever “flexing” and talking about a whole lot of nothing, I want to share a little of what I do on a daily basis to boost my brand…
You may remember my story about how The LSherie Alert  it was born. Literally on Facebook, sharing upcoming events, spreading awareness about various topics that were social or in the news, and connecting people with others to help them with basically whatever they needed.
My email and phone blew up with messages about The LSherie Alert and how they could get their business promoted through this brand new medium.  Excited of course… I soon had a website developed and begin researching social media even more to understand the makings and twists and loopholes to get my brand noticed…
Because at this point, I have members… advertisers so I need more people to know about The LSherie Alert so that they will know more about the members and be exposed to the advertisements on the website.
I was blessed to interview Paul C. Brunson, a matchmaker, life coach, and motivational speaker who was found on Facebook by Oprah’s team!
Social media can CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BUSINESS TOO. It’s all in the way you finesse it.
Here are a few tips you can use to grab their attention and improve the awareness of your brand therefore yielding more business…more clients!
1) BE SURE YOUR CONTENT IS VALUABLE AND RELEVANT. Before you post it, ask yourself… Does this solve a problem for my potential clients? Is this information valuable and creditable?  Publishing valuable and relevant content (staying on top of social issues while connecting them to your business/brand) creates validity for your business/brand. People will feel as though content coming from you is golden.  They will pay more attention to it and will more than likely “share” and “like” the content you post.
2) INTERACT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS. There’s no better way to show you are genuine about the support given, your business and/or brand than to be open to interact with those who “follow” your feeds or those who become your “friends” through social media.  You may receive tons of messages asking questions about what you do… sometimes you just have to be a broken record and ENGAGE with them. That shows that you care about them as potential clients and you care about the professional perception of your business/brand.  It’s character building. Respond. Respond. Respond!
3) MAINTAIN CREDIBILITY OF SOCIAL PRESENCE. If it doesn’t fit your personal/professional morals and values and brand… don’t post it!  The fastest way to hurt your credibility is by “doing too much,” such as unhealthy arguments or bickering on social media feeds, posting negative information or derogatory photos, or simply posting things that are totally irrelevant from your business/brand.  Your social media feeds should clearly define the character of self and your business/brand at all times.
4) KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. Very simply. If I’m a fitness trainer and I want to increase my clientele as well as their success stories… ain’t no way I’m posting about cookies, cake, ice cream and enjoying a free box of Krispe Kreme doughnuts! NOPE! Know your audience. Understand what is helpful information and what is harmful information.
and finally…
5) GET A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER! Alright so sure you post  a few things here and there, but what you really need is to be more focused on your business while someone else handles your social media. Social media managers are very important to the increase of your business/brand. Trust me, it’s more to it than a few posts here and a few more tweets there. Understanding the way each social media handle works is very important, especially when advertising (spending dollars) to boost sales and awareness. Your social media manager should be able to report large amounts of data regarding your target audience, views, engagement, location of your followers, age and ethnic demographics, etc. This information is a great help to you and your business/brand in order to see what’s working…what’s not and how to improve and what areas are your hitting the most.
The LSherie Alert actually provides social media management for companies/organizations privately around the country.
I hope this information, while it was plentiful, helps in a BIG way to increase your business and the awareness of your brand just by using social media!
Blessed and prosperous day!
– LSherie
Welcome to iNSPIRE here on The LSherie Alert.
May you be inspired to dream big and walk boldly in your purpose. 

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