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Within her 2-year span as an Atlanta realtor Shaetiese Jordan has reached a level within her profession that many dream of. Jordan has had a great start to her career, showing some of Georgia’s top luxury homes and newly developed condominium properties. She also recently signed with Atlanta’s top A-list real estate firm Opulent Real Estate Services owned by WEtv’s Selling It In The ATL cast member A’lana Banks.
The large demanding market of real estate allows me to engage with people of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and lifestyles. I learn something new everyday, while making money. Women who pursue a full-time career in real estate will always be a student of the world; and I am proud to be apart of something so impactful and result driven” states Jordan. | Midori Star Media Group
Shaetiese Jordan has a certain sparkle when it comes to beautiful homes, but she started entrepreneurial career as an owner of a clothing boutique. She even attended fashion school where she learned impeccable skills in interior design.  She learned quickly that running a clothing boutique just wasn’t her cup of tea.  It just wasn’t her passion. Finally while sitting at work one day she just blurted out to a coworker that she was going into real estate.
Whether it was decorating homes or just learning the business, her love for the industry started well before her stardom. She loved decorating so much she confused family and guest by changing the look of her own home every season. I bet you know someone like that.
Being that real estate is a male dominated industry, Shaetiese worked hard to gain as much knowledge as she could to stand out in the sea of real estate sharks. She even mastered tapping into all types of markets including leasing, purchasing, listing… all aspects. Shaetiese also used her skills to host classes for new homebuyers and will soon be doing interior decorating.
While talking to Shaetiese about her profession it became clearer to me that real estate and helping people is her passion. She’s been quoted trough tout her career saying that, “Women who pursue a full-time career in real estate will always be a student of the world…” That stuck out to me.

I think as a woman in real estate, I feel like women are taking over.  We provide. We bear the children. We’re teaching. We want to see people do well.  We want men to look at us as equals so we have to be on top of our game. Each one, teach one. We want to come together and teach each other and continuously gain knowledge as life changes. Real Estate so diverse… so many people that different views on things – I learn something from them every day. It makes you well-rounded.
You can do staging, home renovations, cleaning services. All these things go hand-in-hand and are great services to offer to your clients.




Men have dominated industries like real estate for decades, and as time progresses so does the dominated population. Women are really stepping up in this market and in many others.

It’s like a free atmosphere. There is no boss. You have to be self-disciplined, have great time management and organizational skills. People talk about jumping into real estate because they think it’s easy.  Real Estate is not easy. It’s hard… not because you have to have clients, but you have to find clients. You have to do the footwork. Some people come in thinking, “oh I just want to work with the celebrities.” Celebrities are not just going to come to you. Celebrities will interview and want to know why they should choose you as their realtor.

You have to be open-minded. Coming in you have to know that it’s not about who you know, well, it’s about who you know and how you put in the work. I did the work.

Now on the flip side, if you’re looking to cross the threshold of your first home, heed these words…

When it comes to getting a mortgage, if you have like a 620, you’re in there.  If you’re a new homebuyer, there are so many programs that will give you the down payment to buy your first home, you just have to attend the workshop and they’ll give you that $1,000 to buy your first home. Your loan is approved off your income… your income-to-debt ratio. A lot of clients mess up when they take a loan out and is approved for their mortgage loan for $250,000 and then open 2 new credit card accounts and after they run your credit during closing, you can be denied or your amount can drop tremendously to $50 – $60,000 just because you opened new accounts. Some people will go out a get new cars. Now your loan has been denied. You can not open any new accounts, I don’t care if it’s a new card or whatever, when you are buying a house and you get that approval, you can not open any accounts. You don’t want your credit touched until 45 days after your closing. After that you can do whatever you want.

A house is one of your biggest purchases in life. When you’re buying your house, after three years, you can rent out your house.  If you make enough money, you can rebuy.

In the next five years, Shaetiese anticipates opening up her own small boutique firm and expanding her licenses in the state of Florida. In the meantime she’s flexing her real estate muscle through the advances of technology. Unlike many of her predecessors, Shaetiese isn’t afraid to to step out of the box and get a little creative to make her business known. She owes a lot of her success to social media and natural ability to attract clients and gain their trust.

I take my son with me because I want him to see… this is what I do. Showing him that you can work for somebody or you can work for yourself. Social media is the number one marketer.  The younger generation knows this and we use it to our advantage.  I think the older generation is intimidated by that. You have to always stay with what’s current. If you’re in real estate you need to be on social media. That’s how you’re going to get your business.

I’m excited for Shaetiese and all she will accomplish. As a role model for her son, a living example of success to her family and friends and a rising real estate mogul, there is really no stopping this woman.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or desire a career in real estate, Shaetiese Jordan is definitely a resource with a wealth of knowledge and success to back it up!





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