Handling Bad Days



I’m talking about those days that make you wish you called in from work. Those days that make you want to lose it and run down the street screaming. Those days that make you simply want to disappear.
Yeah… trust me I understand. It gets hard.  Trying to elevate your business, raising your family, taking care of family, dealing with financial issues, trouble in paradise, craziness on the job… whatever it is… it gets hard.
Life can be hard, but it’s all in the way you handle it.
Having a no good…horrible…very bad day can drastically shift your mindset to not even care anymore. Been there. Done that.
But because You are aware of who you are and that greater is in your future, you won’t allow negative energy to reroute your focus or knock you off balance.
PRAY. Every single day I pray for wisdom, the courage and strength to tackle each and every task. I pray for guidance so that when things shift in a negative direction, I’m able to pull myself back.
EVALUATE.  If you’re anything like me, you can overreact fast. Or what the kids say nowadays, I’ll go from 0 to 100 real quick. But don’t do that! LOL! Simply look at the situation for what it is.  Evaluate it. See where you can make changes for a more favorable outcome and proceed. Don’t stress out.  Stressing only makes it worse.
REFOCUS.  Once you’ve evaluated the issue, refocus your mindset and put into action the changes you need to make.
BREATHE. Everything will be okay.  I promise. We all have things that try to keep up for being our best, but that’s life. Just take it one moment at a time. Clear your mind and remember why you are so great and how good it’s going to feel when you overcome this obstacle.
You still have a purpose so don’t let those bad days stop you from being great!
Blessed day!
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