Are You Satisfied?


Think About Your Life…




I’m gonna tell you right now. NO!

No I am not satisfied. Not with my every day routine. Not with the coins in my bank account. Not with the limits that are put on my way of living from others who refuse to see my greatness.
It seems like I’m beating the pavement. Just beating. Beating a hole in the ground, but very slowly.  I get angry. I get tired. I get frustrated.
Am I alone in this?  Am I the only one… the only entrepreneur that feels like the weight at times is too much to bear?
Of course not. I’m sure you’ve felt the stress of working to make things happen, but seems like conspiracy is teaming up against you. I know. Trust me, I know.
But the good part out all of this is that we both realize we aren’t satisfied. Excuse my language, but we ain’t settling! Not content at all and that’s why WE will WIN!
Never lose that hunger for more. Never let go of that dream. Never stop believing. Never give up.
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Always give.  Always pray. Always push harder and go deeper. Always challenge yourself. Always believe. Always dream. Always imagine.  Live life with passion. Live life with purpose!
So did you answer the question?  Did you look in the mirror and assess your life and say yeah I’m satisfied?  I hope not, because God intended much more for you.
I’m going higher… no matter what. I pray you’re going with me.
Blessed day!
– LSherie
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