Are You Limiting Yourself?

I ask myself this constantly. Am I limiting the value of my growth? Am I limiting the height of my success?  Am I limiting who I can become?  Am I afraid to become… truly great?!

The greatest disappointment is limiting yourself. Remaining complacent because it’s comfortable…or because you no longer want to be challenged.
Our thoughts… our actions determine how we view ourselves…how much control we have over our lives.
So think about it…
Go back to that time when you were younger and the things you dreamed you would have…the amazing accomplishments you felt you would achieve…those fearless thoughts of doing the impossible.
Remember that? Now that you do… ask yourself… “Am I limiting myself?”
Reach in deep. Pull out that inner power. Stop barricading yourself into a box that fits society rules or perceptions. Push for more. See yourself where you WILL be and make the necessary mental changes to get back on track…BREAK THE LIMITS!
Here’s a little video that helps me… I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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